Why WWE Issued New Decree Regarding NXT UK Talents, WWE Stars Take Over NYC, Alundra Blayze Hidden Gem (Videos)


WWE has released the above and below videos.

Raw Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss, “Woken” Matt Hardy, Kalisto, Ember Moon and Jinder Mahal hit the streets of New York City for a very unique WWE photo shoot.

In what would be her final WWE appearance until her WWE Hall of Fame induction, Alundra Blayze takes on Lioness Asuka in this 1995 match-up: Courtesy of the award-winning WWE Network.

Why WWE Issued New Indie Decree Regarding NXT UK Talents

As we noted several weeks ago, WWE has issued a new decree banning NXT UK contracted from working independent events one week prior to a scheduled WWE event.

Most recently, Southside Wrestling announced that WWE UK talents Joseph Conners and Dan Moloney had to pull out of the promotion’s event on August 19th, due to WWE running an event within the seven day period.

According to The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the new WWE policy was put into place to avoid talent injuries close to scheduled WWE events. The catalyst was reportedly Travis Banks suffering a dislocated shoulder prior to the NXT UK TV tapings, and subsequently having to miss the events.

Back on August 2nd, Southside Wrestling issued the following statement regarding Joseph Conners being pulled from the promotion’s upcoming event before WWE SummerSlam:

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