Will Orton Cash In on Bryan?, Backstage News on WWE Title Plans, More


– Word going around WWE is that the current plan for SummerSlam has Daniel Bryan defeating John Cena for the WWE Title, only to see Randy Orton cash in his Money in the Bank briefcase, take the WWE Title and finally make his long-awaited heel turn.

It’s possible WWE announces the Randy Orton neck injury on RAW and keep him off TV for a few weeks, that way his cash in at SummerSlam will be more of a surprise.

Another sign that Orton will be cashing in at SummerSlam is that as of this week, there is no Bryan vs. Cena rematch planned for September’s Night of Champions pay-per-view.

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Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter


  1. on the plus side ortons going heel and taking the title from the hottest stars would build lots of heat…but i also want to see bryan get a title run i mean whats the point of this huge push

      • cause if he doesnt then its all a waste of time lol but seriously not alot of guys are face or stay face after they cash in unless they suit a face alot more and orton is a way better heel. but i dont know it just looks likely going agaisnt one of wwe top faces whose even more popular then orton right now

        • I agree with you I think the Boot to the head best move ever. And the evil look cant top it. They cant ever turn Cena he is like Hogan the big good guy. I think if they make Big show and it looks like they are gonna make Henry good with the Uso’s I could see that they change Orton.

  2. Big Show is booked on the current tour as working with Orton. Unless that has changed, Orton’s “injury” won’t keep him out for long.

      • if Bryan beats Cena and Orton turns around and beats Bryan in the same night, that is a screw you to the fans….you need to ride Bryan’s wave for as long as you can..I think he’ll be a megastar for years like Stone Cold..already was that in the indies…..its carried over to here. WWE better have him carry the belt, Orton doesn’t deserve it.


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