Will Ospreay On Christmas Gym Workouts, Young Wrestler Imitates Him (Video), Joe Coffey Hypes Match


Will Ospreay has commented on his Christmas plans and why he won’t be doing any workouts in the coming days, whilst sharing a video of a young wrestler attempting his move set.

Will Ospreay On Christmas Gym Workouts

Whilst some wrestlers are working out in gyms over the festive period, English independent wrestler, Will Ospreay will not be.

After tweeting about Christmas workouts, Ospreay confirmed his gym is actually closed and the only thing he plans on lifting are Yorkshire Puddings.

Young Wrestler Imitates Ospreay (Video)

As well as discussing his Christmas plans, Ospreay shared a video of a young, 17-year-old wrestler attempting his move set in his homemade ring.

Joe Coffey Hypes Match In New Year

The Ironman, Joe Coffey has been hyping one of his first matches of 2018 on Twitter today, as the Scotsman confirmed he will be facing Zack Sabre Jr.