Will Ospreay on Possibly Going to WWE: “It’s Never Intrigued Me”


Will Ospreay recently spoke to Kevin Kelly on New Japan’s Road to MSG series on YouTube. The current NEVER Openweight champion talked about the GI Supercard, the company’s huge upcoming event at Madison Square Garden on April 6.

The importance of this event is not lost on Ospreay, who grew up idolizing WWE stars that competed in the Garden.

“When wrestling was in Madison Square Garden, I remember matches like Eddie Guerrero versus Kurt Angle and Guerrero’s my hero. The way he would just connect with me through a TV screen–I’ve never seen Guerrero live–but I would just watch and be astounded by the things that he would do.”

But Ospreay never envisioned himself working in the same arena, unless he worked in WWE. So has that ever been an option for The Aerial Assassin?

“To be able to perform there, you have to be a great singer/songwriter or an artist of some sort and I can’t sing. So the other option would have to be  to go to the other company, which has never intrigued me. I’ve never really found that aspiration to want to go there.”

Though he didn’t mention WWE by name, it’s clear what Will was talking about. So when it comes to April 6, what does Ospreay hope to do in the world’s most famous arena?

“I would like to show people me. I get the feeling that a lot of people judge and a lot of people don’t really know who I am, where I’ve come from and they like to assume and make assumptions of me. 

I care about what people think of me. And that’s weird because realistically ‘that’s a ticket sale, why should you care about a ticket sale?’ And I’m like because that ticket sale was me once upon a time. That ticket sale led to me being right here. All I want right now is to show people that this is my heart, this is my love, this is my passion, this is my addiction.”

Ospreay went on to say that he wants the main event, which means he would be the man to face Jay White for the IWGP Championship. Whether or not that match will take place is unknown, as White is booked to face the winner of the New Japan Cup Tournament.

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