Konnan Provides Surgery Update, Will Ospreay Set To Reveal Information On His Own Promotion


Popular UK independent wrestler, Will Ospreay is set to reveal further details about his own upcoming promotion, Frontline Wrestling today.

Ospreay made the decision to launch his own promotion earlier in the year and today at 7 PM (UK Time) he will reveal the date and location of Frontline Wrestling’s first ever event.

The month of June has previously been teased by the promotion, so that could be an indicator of when the first show might take place. Ospreay noted on Twitter that he is nervous about the announcement.

Konnan Provides Surgery Update

Konnan has provided fans with an update on his latest surgery, stating that he is now out of the hospital after spending a week in, and is on antibiotics for the next 9 weeks. He mentioned that if that is not successful then another surgery will be required.

Joe Hendry One-Man Show

Joe Hendry’s one-man show is set to take place tonight, the UK independent wrestler tweeted out about how he is excited to perform and that it has made him reflect on his five years in the industry.

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