Will Ospreay Set To Team With PAC During WrestleMania 35 Weekend


Revolution Pro Wrestling has announced a major match that features Will Ospreay and PAC during WWE WrestleMania 35 weekend later this year.

The show, which will take place on Friday 5th April at the Hilton New York Midtown Ballroom will see PAC and Will Ospreay team up to take on CCK in what will likely be the shows main event match.

Ospreay and PAC faced each other earlier in the year at their High Stakes event with the match featuring run-ins from CCK members, Chris Brookes and Jon Gresham with the bout finishing in a time limit draw.

The lack of a true finish frustrated many fans, although the match went down very well with two of the very best putting on a fantastic match.

There had been speculation that Rev Pro was going to have the two men have a rematch in New York, but instead, the tag team match has been announced, which makes sense considering the story that was told in the first match. You can purchase tickets now, and they are available here.