Will Rumble Reaction Change Plans?, Morrison on Rollins Falling, More


– As seen on last night’s RAW, Seth Rollins slipped and fell over the fan barrier as he was making his way to the ring. Former WWE star John Morrison commented:

“Watching the RAW replay- Lol- Rollins… Less water on your head, less crossfit = less busting your ass on the guard rail…”

Below is a fan clip of Rollins falling:


– The final rating for Friday’s pre-Rumble SmackDown was a 2.15, up from the previous week. This was the highest SmackDown rating since February 2013. As noted, Friday’s show averaged 3.029 million viewers.

– Vince McMahon, Triple H and other WWE officials most certainly reacted to the negative crowd reaction at the Royal Rumble on Sunday but the impression was given that this will not change their WrestleMania XXX plans and Batista vs. Randy Orton will still take place. Early word also is that the reaction won’t change plans for Daniel Bryan vs. Sheamus at WrestleMania.

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Partial source: PWInsider


  1. Cool so they don’t want our money for Mania then. How is a heel vs heel and face vs face match suppose to work at Mania anyway? Sure they have time to fix that, but I don’t think their is any fixing Batista. The fans are going to boo him straight out of the arena at Mania.

      • They just can’t let go of their burning desire to have Triple H and Batista unite and screw Orton of the title thus making him the biggest face in the company. Well at least that’s what they think.

        Cause you know we’re all going to be so shocked to see Triple H side with one of them and screw the other over.

        • Batista’s getting booed already! Heh… I mean, the WWE Universe has spoken and their voices are turning faces into heels over Bryan! I mean… when has this happened before? This is really incredible! VERY risky marketing and booking on the part of WWE though…

  2. Plans need to change or they won’t get my money for Mania, hell even for the Chamber next month as this would mean somehow Orton wins again and they keep Bryan down…AGAIN!

    • I’m starting to think this is why the wwe network was created, cuz if someone gets the channel that’s guaranteed money as opposed to HOPING people buy their s***ty ppvs for 50$! And bryan isn;t being kept down – he doesn’t improve ratings.

    • This is truly a travesty UNLESS the plan is Vince comes in to overrule the Authority on WMXXX matches and gives everyone what they want. I could see that happen.

  3. that spot monkey morrison is dising on rollins they all almost slipped over the barrier , they were all really hyped . besides morrison isnt half the wrestler rollins is

    • You’re right… Morrison was MUCH more talented in the ring than Rollins is. But Morrison need not be bitter – just needs to come back to WWE.

      • lol what i said rollins is way better, morrison is a spot monkey dude he has no legit wrestling ability ,rollins is always givin respect for his ability hes way better. and morrison was jobbing before he left and would most likely job if he returns

  4. Isn’t the model for ANY successful business to give the customer what they want?? If your fans reaction is that bad you gotta go in a different direction.

    • Royal Rumble is one of the the most anticipated matches of the year. To keep most big names out of it just so you can have Batista win sucks balls.

      Besides, (even though I shouldn’t dig into the logic) Lesnar says he wants to be WWE WHC but goes a match against Big Show instead of taking part in the match where you win a championship match a Mania? Makes sense.

      Not to have Daniel Bryan in the Rumble match when he’s the big name is just a travesty.

      • Spot on! I mean you had El Torito eliminate Fandango… how embarrassing… and Rey Mysterio and Batista (FACES) being booed because they wanted Daniel Bryan so badly… EPIC response from the crowd and this screams the legitimacy of how much Bryan is over. Really an amazing phenomenon!


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