William Regal On Aleister Black’s Status, Stephanie McMahon On Renee Young, Most Watched WWE Network Shows


Stephanie McMahon Tweeted the following after today’s announcement that Renee Young will be joining the WWE Raw commentary team next week:

William Regal On Aleister Black NXT Status

As noted, WWE ran an injury angle with Aleister Black after NXT this way to write Black out of the main event at NXT Takeover Brooklyn. NXT GM William Regal Tweeted the following storyline update on Black, and it is expected NXT will soon announce a change to the Takeover main event:

Most Watched WWE Network Shows

Below are the top 10 most watched WWE Network shows of the week, per The Wrestling Observer Newsletter:

1. NXT on 7/25
2. Extreme Rules 2018
3. Steve Austin in OVW
4. Table for 3 with Ric Flair, Sting and Angle
5. Walk With Elias: The Documentary
6. 205 Live from 7/24
7. NXT from 7/18
8. This Week in WWE
9. WrestleMania 2018
10. NXT Takeover Chicago pre-show

It was noted that the NXT Takeover Chicago pre-show made the list as WWE counts audiences watching any part of the show as a “view”, and many times when viewers are watching a show, at the end the WWE Network will automatically roll over into the Takeover Chicago pre-show.

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