World Of Sport Announces Its First TV Airing Date, Which 205 Live Star Does Will Ospreay Want To Face? New PROGRESS Merch


With the hype continuing to build for the return of World Of Sport to British Television, the company has now announced its official return date.

World Of Sport has been slowly hyping up its return by revealing members of its roster and commentary team, all of which feature the very best of British wrestling.

Now its official return date has been announced with adverts for the show airing on ITV yesterday. World Of Sport will make its triumphant return to UK television on Saturday 28 July at 5:00 (UK Time) and will air every Saturday from then on for the number of shows that were taped.

Which 205 Live Star Does Will Ospreay Want To Wrestle?

After praising 205 Live’s main event last week Will Ospreay has continued talking about the WWE Cruiserweight show on social media where he revealed which member of the roster he would most like to wrestle. Ospreay answered a fan and claimed that Buddy Murphy is the person he would most want a match with.

PROGRESS Release New Merch

PROGRESS Wrestling has released several new merchandise items with hats and t-shirts now being available, you can check them out below.