World Title Match Set for Bound For Glory, Anderson Done with TNA?

– As seen on last night’s Impact Wrestling episode, it appeared they wrote Mr. Anderson off TV after a beatdown from Bully Ray. Anderson’s contract reportedly expires this month so he may be gone from the company. TNA posted this update on Anderson:

“On Thursday at the “No Surrender” IMPACT special, Aces and Eights President Bully Ray successfully defended the World Heavyweight Championship against Mr. Anderson in a violent and chaotic bout. Anderson refused to give up — and took a major beating from Bully Ray. Bully Ray battered and bloodied Anderson, eventually putting him through a table and winning the bout via countout. Bully Ray continued the assault after the match, dumping Anderson off a medical stretcher on the entrance ramp and annihilating him with a piledriver on the steel structure. has learned that in addition to several lacerations to his head and body, Anderson suffered a possible concussion and was being examined for damage to his neck from the piledriver. Anderson will be evaluated tonight by doctors at a local St. Louis hospital, and we hope to have an update on his condition on Friday.”

– AJ Styles ended up winning TNA’s Bound for Glory Series and will face Bully Ray for the TNA World Heavyweight Title at next month’s Bound for Glory pay-per-view.

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  • fmdof

    What was the point of reforming MEM, when poor writing and contracts expiring would be the death of Aces and Eights. Right now, they’re 3MB with a leader. Here I thought that Angles 100th DUI was going hurt the story line. Guess I was dead wrong.

  • raul cruz

    And no one seems to keen to re-sign. It’s like they’re being paroled from jail, not losing a job.

  • Rene Ramirez

    my opinion only Angle DWI was bad for him but his human as faw of wwe wellness policy thats a joke TNA doesn’t inforce it as much remember wrestler get hurt and medicen is addictive and harmfull old days it was worst steriods an all and docters are expensive this wrestlers rather risk drinking and smoking instead of seeing a docter for worth subtances