Kota Ibushi vs. Jay White

A bitter fight between two warriors pissed off at being the “losers” match in the Double Gold Dash, content to take their frustration out on each other. Ibushi unloaded with crazy kicks and an early standing moonsault, but after taking a scary bump throat-first into the barricade, the pace of the match changed drastically. Still, Ibushi fought on when he could and managed to hit a springboard missile dropkick and a second rope moonsault, knees crashing down on his opponent’s face, but White caught him with surprise DDT on the point of his head to take him right back down.

At this point both guys were exhausted (they were exhausted before the match started, to be fair) but White was in much rougher shape. He threw the heaviest blows he could, one after another, but Ibushi stood there like it was nothing. More shots to the back of the neck, but still nothing. A sentinel. For every five shots from White, Ibushi would rock him with one forearm or kick, and he’d crumple like a Jenga tower.

Almost like he wants to deliver pain more than win the match, Ibushi actually picked his opponent up and screamed at him to hit harder. White came up with one big slap, then threw the referee in between them. The distraction allowed White to hit a series of snap German suplexes, landing Ibushi hard on the back of his neck. He tried for the Blade Runner, but Ibushi reversed it into a bridging German of his own. The Golden Star went to the corner and channeled Nakamura, delivered the Kinshasa, but White blocked a Kamigoye and then began to trade finishers.

Out of desperation, White just threw the referee at his opponent knocking him out of the ring. Gedo got in and hit Ibushi with a chair, but it just bounced off of him. He drops Gedo with a mean right hook, then knocks out White with the Kamigoye. Then the Golden Star Powerbomb. 1…2…3…4… There is no ref. Ibushi is so mad that he just keeps kicking White in the head until the ref recovers. He hits the Kamigoye again, but Gedo pulled the ref out of the ring… again. At this point, Gedo used brass knuckles, White threw a chair into Ibushi’s face, then hit Blade Runner to win. Despicable.

Winner: Jay White

After the match, White throws the officials aside and continues to attack the fallen Ibushi. He even delivers another Blade Runner, while Gedo jumped up and down, acting like they had just won the Super Bowl. By the time that Ibushi recovered they were gone, and he started fighting Young Lions trying to go after them.


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