Double Gold Dash – Winner Take All
IWGP Heavyweight Champion Kazuchika Okada (c) vs. IWGP Intercontinental Champion Tetsuya Naito (c)

As expected, this one starts out slow with both guys taking their time, feeling each other out a bit. Okada worked a headlock while going through his standard opening offense – senton over the ropes, uppercuts – but kept going back to the headlock. Naito eventually turned things around with a rolling kick to the head, wasting no time taking the champion to the floor and delivering a nasty neckbreaker on the edge of the apron. It was all Naito’s game from there, hitting more neckbreakers before locking in a leg scissors, working the hold and slowing things down a bit more.

After a beat, Okada fired back into the match with a bit boot, and starts throwing uppercuts. He delivers a neckbreaker of his own, followed by a standard body slam before mounting the corner for a picture perfect diving elbow drop. Rainmaker Pose! Naito blocked the first attempt and holds on to the wrist, smashing him with elbows to the head before scooping him up into a big spinebuster. He threw Okada into the ropes, put him up top and sent him flying with a Frankensteiner. He then went to the well again, but the champ had it scouted and hit one of his signature dropkicks, sending Naito all the way to the floor.

They ended up brawling out in the crowd, with Okada giving up on playing nice, and instead opting to smash his opponent’s previously injured knee into anything not nailed down. This led to a very convincing count-out spot where he barely made it back into the ring on time. Okada was right on top of him with rights and lefts. He set up for the Tombstone Piledriver, but Naito used the ropes to deliver a surprise Tornado DDT.

Both men were very slow in getting up at this point, but the challenger dug down and found Gloria. Naito hobbled to the corner and put Okada up on the top turnbuckle – Avalanche Poison Rana! He is dead! 1…2…NO! Naito slowly lifts him up and delivers the biggest Destino of his life, but somehow it’s still not enough. Even Kelly Kelly lost his mind on that nearfall. He tried for it again, but Okada threw everything he had left into a defensive dropkick. Both guys are dead, and begin to counter each other’s finishers as the crowd goes crazy. They start beating the hell out of each other with heavy rights and lefts, but Okada has a smile on his face and is just shaking his head, knowing he has it won. He delivers the Tombstone Piledriver, scoops his opponent up, hits the Rainmaker for the 1…2… NO!

Naito slowly gets to his feet and refuses to stay down, spitting in the champion’s face. Okada hits a second Rainmaker, but Naito barely has enough energy to fall over properly. A third Rainmaker connects. He goes for it again, but Naito ducked the arm and delivered the Destino. The challenger looked around and got a grin on his face, dragging his opponent’s body to the corner. He climbed the ropes as the crowd came alive, commentary yelled at him not to do it, but Naito hit the Stardust Press anyways – and finally, at long last, it connected. One more Destino. 1…2…3.

Winner & New Champion: Tetsuya Naito


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