Wrestlemania 30 Review


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I hope you all enjoyed Wrestlemania 30 I certainly did, it was an extravaganza to say the least their was plenty of moments that shocked me and moments that made me happy that I spent the money to watch the pay per view. I will run through all the matches and give a review and grade for each of them.

I am from the UK so I couldn’t watch the pre-show tag team match but I know the Usos retained and Cesaro swung his partner Jack Swagger around so I will skip that match and go straight to the main show.

The show started with arguably the three biggest stars ever in pro wrestling Hulk Hogan, Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock, these three had a comedy segment about the Silverdome/Superdome. All three said this Wrestlemania will be huge and sure it was. This segment ended with all three giving their catchphrases and Steve Austin’s beer getting flung into the ring.

Daniel Bryan v Triple H

Entertaining match from both men, Stephanie McMahon was managing Triple H from ringside. Triple H entrance was phenomenal. Bryan got pedigreed but kicked out a 2. Triple H controlled most of the match but when he went for a suplex Bryan landed on his feet and hit him with the running knee for the 1-2-3 and Bryan advances to the main event for an opportunity for the WWE title.

Grade – A-

The Shield v Kane, The New Age Outlaws

Very quick match, don’t think it lasted more than 3 minutes but in that short space of time The Shield got the crowd involved with high moves and fast flowing action. Kane and the Outlaws were never in it and the Shield get an easy win with a triple powerbomb on Road Dogg and Billy Gunn. The Shield should have been in a better match than that.

Grade- D-

30-Man Andre The Giant Battle Royal

I couldn’t tell you all the participants, it’s hard to see when their is thirty in the ring at the same time. Their was a short Fandango moment until Sheamus took care of that. Kofi got tossed over the top and fell down the stairs but managed to keep his feet on the stairs and thus not being eliminated, very spectacular moment which could have gone so wrong. The final four were Sheamus, Big Show, Cesaro and Del Rio, Del Rio and Sheamus eliminated each other and then Cesaro hoisted up the Big Show and slammed him over the top for the win. In the words of JR ‘Oh My God’, that is some strength.

Grade- C+

John Cena v Bray Wyatt

Luke Harper and Erick Rowan were ringside for the whole match. Wyatt was tempting Cena to hit him with chairs all match to bring out the monster in him at one point Wyatt scared Cena with his spider/crab walk. Wyatt and Cena both kicked out of AA and sister abigail respectively. Cena took out both Rowan and Harper. Cena got a second AA on Wyatt for the win.

Grade- B-

Undertaker v Brock Lesnar

Taker had his usual amazing, captivating entrance. Lots of submission holds, Brock did two F5’s which Taker kicked out of, Taker did a tombstone which Lesnar just kicked out of. Then the third F5 on Taker and the 3 count and Brock has defeat the Undertaker and conquered the streak, I cant quite believe it I was like every fan in that arena didn’t know what to say, I didn’t speak for a full 5 minutes, I feel that is Taker’s last match he just didn’t look up to it anymore but who can blame him he is still a WWE legend.

Grade- C-

Diva Invitational Match

Not much really to say, Cameron had a wardrobe malfunction which most men are hoping to see in slow motion on tonight’s Raw. AJ Lee retained her title by making Naomi submit. The rest of the divas didn’t do much, The Bella’s had a brief encounter which could be a future rivalry.

Grade- E

Randy Orton v Batista v Daniel Bryan – WWE World Title

HHH and Steph interrupted the match to attack Bryan, Batista bomb on Bryan and the crooked referee Scott Armstrong counts to 2 and Bryan kicks out. HHH tries to hit Bryan with the sledgehammer and misses, Bryan hits HHH with the sledgehammer. Bryan flies to the outside and knocks over HHH, Armstrong and Steph, looks like Steph took a nasty bump on her ankle. Bryan gets Batista bombed and RKOed through the Spanish announce table, Orton took a nasty bump aswell. The ending involved near falls, Orton gets powerbombed and Batista runs into the running knee and Bryan pins for 3 and we have a new WWE world champion. Well done to Daniel Bryan, it’s going to be interesting to see what happened on Raw but that is the best pay per view I have seen in the last couple of years. That is best for business.

Grade- A+

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