WrestleMania 33: Roman Reigns Vs. The Undertaker (No Holds Barred Match)

No Holds Barred: Roman Reigns vs. The Undertaker

Match starts off with Taker hitting punches on Reigns and then tossing him out of the ring. Taker yells, “Its my yard!” to the pop of the crowd. Reigns goes back in the ring, but Taker sends him back out. Taker says, “Its still my yard!”. Reigns comes back in the ring and gets the better of him clotheslining him to outside the ring. Taker gabs his legs and drags him out the ring. He whips him into the ring post and then puts him back into the ring. Roman is able to regain the advantage with a samoan drop. They get back outside the ring. Taker puts Reigns onto his shoulder, but Reigns gets off and pushes him into the ring post. Reigns then connects with a drive by. Reigns puts Taker back in the ring. Taker is able to regain the advantage and hits snake eyes and then a leg drop. He covers Reigns and gets a two count.

Taker signals for a chokeslam, but Reigns rolls out the ring. Taker follows suit. Reigns attmepts a drive by again, but Taker counters with a clothesline mid air. Taker takes apart the announce table. Reigns is able to nail a drive by on Taker again. He signals for a drive by, but Taker catches him by the throat and gives him a chokeslam onto the announce table that wasn’t taken apart. Taker takes apart another announce table. He gets on top and signals for a tombstone, but Reigns counters with a spear through the table. Reigns gets back in the ring and is met with boos by the fans. The Undertaker pops up. He gets back in the ring, but Reigns goes on attack with clothesline against the turnbuckle.

Reigns gets on top of Taker and punches him. He talks trash, but Taker catches him with a Last Ride. He covers Reigns, but gets a two count. Taker goes for his throat gesture, but Reigns counters with two superman punches. He covers Taker, but he gets a two count. He goes outside and grabs a chair. He gets back in the ring, but Taker nails him with a big boot. Taker destroys him with the chair to the back and eventually hits a chokeslam onto the chair. Reigns kicks out at two. Taker connects with the tombstone, but he kicks out for a good nearfall again.

Taker attempts a tombstone, but Reigns counters. There was a botch at this moment as it seemed like Reigns was suppose to get Taker in a tombstone, but instead he nails another superman punch. He gets a two count for his troubles. Taker was able to get the hell’s gate, but Reigns was able to get out of it. Reigns returns the favor and destroys the Undertaker with chair shots. He signals for the spear and nails it. He only gets the two count. Reigns hits another spear, but Taker kicks out. Reigns nails a third spear and covers Taker, but he kicks out again in a strong nearfall. Reigns looks on in disbelief. Taker struggles to get up as Reigns takes Taker to stay down. Taker refuses. After a bit of a mix up, Reigns finally connects with a fourth spear and gets the three count.

The Undertaker received a nice standing ovation and left his gloves and jacket in the ring.

Winner: Roman Reigns. A good idea to have this match go on last as this was definitely the best match of the show. People will be pissed that Reigns beat Taker. I’ll take the see where it goes approach. Reigns had his heelish moments, but there was no major heel turn here. A Strong match and the Taker moment after the match finally felt like a WrestleMania moment.

  • Anonymous

    Reigns winning was horse s***.

  • Mike Anderson

    You are a reporter. Don’t tell me what happened, Tell me the story behind what happened AND of what happened.

    “The Undertaker received a nice standing ovation and left his gloves and jacket in the ring.”

    That’s what happened, but the story is so much bigger than that. Call it passing the torch, call it a retirement, call it something other than “he got a nice standing ovation and left his gloves and jacket in the ring”. He left his hat too, by the way.

    Tell me about the emotion. The emotion of the match, the emotion of the crowd, the emotion of the announcers. Jim Ross called Undertakers last match. That in of itself is a story all it’s own, especially after losing his wife last week. (I am VERY disappointed that the WWE did not acknowledge that tragedy, and my hat’s off to JR for following through on his commitment. The way things were (or for that matter weren’t) handled, I would have found it very difficult to follow through. JR is the consummate professional.

    The silence of the commentators. They knew what was really happening, they knew the real story.

    Tell me more than just about “the nice standing ovation”.

    Tell me about the respect the Undertaker received, and the respect that he gave back by staying in the ring. He stayed in character, but he told a story of his own. A story of “thank you” to the fans.
    The “thank you Taker” chants.

    The woman in the crowd that, if you can lip read, said “he just retired”.

    Tell me about the tears in the fans eyes when they realized what was happening. AN no, it wasn’t about Roman winning the match. The Undertaker just elevated Roman, and it IS in fact his yard. Taker gave back to the business. THAT’S how it’s done.

    THAT’S the story, and the short version at that, I could go on, but think I have made my point.
    This was so much more than “just a match”. This was wrestling history.

    • Anonymous

      I knew what was happening, but the moment it became real that era of the Undertaker was over was when he broke character and gave Michelle a kiss. Mark, who personifies what being a devoted WWE entertainer is all about, NEVER breaks character in front of the cameras! I guess the next time I see him in the WWE is when he is inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.