WrestleMania In California?, Backstage News on Usos vs. The Shield, More


– WWE officials are getting close to picking a location for the 2015 and 2016 WrestleMania events. One of the frontrunners is the new Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, California, which opens for the San Francisco 49’ers in 2014, and is also hosting the 2016 Super Bowl. If Levi’s Stadium is picked, the Hall of Fame and RAW would take place from the HP Pavilion in San Jose. There is also said to be a major Northeastern location in the running.

– The Usos vs. Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns for the WWE Tag Team Titles was moved to the Money in the Bank pre-show because of time constraints, since the Ladder Matches that night have to go long. There were some people within WWE very upset about The Shield being put on the pre-show.

– At one point, a Christian vs. Dean Ambrose for the WWE United States Title was scheduled for the July 15th RAW from Brooklyn but that may have been changed in the past week or so. WWE didn’t even touch on the Ambrose vs. Christian feud this past week on RAW.

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Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter


  1. On the flip side, the Pre Show is not supposed to be a Pariah anymore as it’s the gimmic to drive people to the WWE Youtube channel.

  2. The writers have really ran out of ideas for the shield… Someone should be fired or leaving the wwe very soon. Please let Paul Heyman get with the shield ala team angle

    • You know this for sure, Trey? I can’t believe the number of imbeciles posting MARK garbage here… who says they ran out of ideas for the Shield? Are you SURE they have??? No.

      • Yeah I agree with you there Hey Trey What Would your NWO oops I mean Shield Do. That’s right WWE been around since the 70s that gotta mean something. Or do you think they Should dress like Men In Black and Memory Flash you so you don’t remember the past. Trey sit down they are trying to get you to buy the PPV belive it or not yeah. Give a entertaining match and hope to lure some more in. Plus they only have so much time in the PPV its not the 15 hour wrestling event. sorry. Idolizer I bow down to your questions I too would love to scream.

        • Bunch of know-it-all nobodies on this comment thread, and in fact most of the comment threads… I’m tired of it already! Unless you are a WWE superstar, shutup and sit down, enjoy the show, and DON’T analyze it to death, right? I mean, come on…Oh and don’t watch Total Nonsensical Action either.

          • dude….stfu since when does anyone care what you think. you dont like us commenting then dont read it damn. its not like were screaming it into your ear. so stfu

          • Obviously you cared enough to tell me to shutup, right? I mean, come on… you’re the asshole that responded to a gripe, right? Free country = free opinions!


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