WrestleMania Uncertainty Looms As Coronavirus Ruled ‘Global Pandemic’, Major Events Cancelled


As previously reported, Tampa city officials will be meeting this Thursday to discuss the possibility of cancelling and/or postponing upcoming major events in the area, due to the rising global concern of COVID-19 (coronavirus).

In a major move that may ultimately effect the decision-making process. the World Health Organization has now official declared COVID-19 a “global pandemic”, with the number of infected now above 120,000.

The director for the National Institute of Allergy & Infectious Disease informed a House Oversight committee, “The bottom line: It is going to get worse. We would recommend that there not be large crowds. If that means not having any people in the audience as the NBA plays, so be it.”

While many wrestling fans have assumed WrestleMania is untouchable, that may not be the case. The annual E3 video game conference in L.A. was recently cancelled, the South by Southwest festival in Austin has been cancelled, and even Coachella has been postponed.

WWE is at this time still committed to going on with WrestleMania 36 as planned, if the decision remains up to them. However, if the city of Tampa itself decides to close down upcoming events, WWE would obviously be forced to comply.