Wrestler Stuns w/ Magic Trick at WWE Performance Center Tryout, WWE Continues to Hype Rey Mysterio


 Magic Trick Wows at WWE PC

A “wrestling magician” by the name of Evan Cloyd is featured in a new video from WWE, doing a trick at the latest Performance Center tryout. The woman he actually performs the trick on is actually MJ Jenkins, who has wrestled a number of matches for IMPACT Wrestling.

Mysterio Hype Train Rolls On

WWE has continued its hype train for Rey Mysterio today with even more content featuring the high-flying legend, regardless of the fact that he’s not currently under contract with the company and will be wrestling for New Japan next month.

Earlier this morning we noted that WWE teased “what would happen” in a dream match collision between Mysterio and the current WWE Champion AJ Styles, posting it all over their Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and even as the lead story on WWE.com for several hours. Somebody should probably tell them the match already happened at a 5 Star Wrestling show in 2016, just two weeks before AJ made his debut at the Royal Rumble.

Beyond that, the company has been posting dozens of matches and moments on their YouTube account featuring Mysterio in the last two weeks. Today they doubled down on that with even more highlights, posting about him three times in a little over ONE HOUR this morning.

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