Wrestling No Longer An Olypmic Sport Starting In 2020

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has announced that wrestling has been dropped from the Olypmics, starting at the 2020 Games. The unexpected decision was made via secret ballot on Tuesday in Lausanne, Switzerland where officials were discussing ways to “streamline” the Olympics. Wrestling has roots in the ancient Greek games and has been part of the Olympics since 1896.

IOC spokesman Mark Adams said, “This is a process of renewing and renovating the program for the Olympics. In the view of the executive board, this was the best program for the Olympic Games in 2020. It’s not a case of what’s wrong with wrestling, it is what’s right with the (other) 25 core sports.”

Now wrestling will have to face off with seven other sports that are fighting for inclusion in the 2020 Olympics.

The professional wrestling world is venting their frustrations on Twitter, with superstars expressing shock and Jim Ross calling the decision “ignorant.”

1996 Olympic Gold Medalist Kurt Angle tweeted:

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    They know that there are, like, 50 different swimming races, right. I mean, there is a reason Michael Phelps can have so many golds. He just keeps doing the same thing in different races and they keep giving him golds. Now wrestlers had only a couple chances to win any medals and now that is completely gone. Considering the popularity of MMA it would seem that Olympic wrestling’s popularity would be growing rather than people deciding to care about swimming, ping pong, badminton, speed walking, trotting horses, jumping horses, weird side-stepping horses, (etc., etc., etc.) once every four years.