Why Wrestling Fans Should Love ‘Psych’


For the longest time, wrestling fans felt The Rock was an anomaly; he was the one, and only when it came to a wrestler succeeding in Hollywood. However, we have now seen Dave Bautista star in some of the biggest films of the last three years, and John Cena is now starring in the major animated film, Ferdinand. Times have certainly changed, but one show has always embraced the world of professional wrestling. That show is none other than, Psych.

In a lot of ways, Psych is very similar to the WWE. The WWE has always experimented with different ideas and concepts, I mean look no further than their Fashion Files series. While Psych is a comedy, it has seemingly been able to experiment with all different types of genres. Whether it’s horror, action, romance, it has no limitations.

I first became aware of Psych in 2009 when I saw that John Cena was going to be a guest star on the show. Naturally, that interested me, and I wanted to check it out. However, that episode took place in season four, so I started watching it from season one. Long story short, I became hooked. It was such an intelligently written show, from its plot twists to its tongue in cheek humour. It’s a hard show not to love, that’s for sure.

Embracing WWE

Long before The Rock starred in Fast and Furious and took his career to a whole new level, or Batista became a part of Guardians of the Galaxy. Psych welcomed WWE superstars to their show. While I may have started watching Psych because of WWE, I became a fan of the show because it is incredibly entertaining. However, I will say my love for WWE is another reason my love for Psych has grown.

Psych began recruiting WWE stars for special appearances on their show in 2008 with Mickie James. In 2009 John Cena came aboard, and the list has only grown since then. While the size of the roles may have varied, the way in which the show appreciated and embraced the stars WWE backgrounds was quite refreshing. If you would like an example, you can watch Charlotte Flair perform the figure-eight in the recent Psych: The Movie.

Also, this is no average show. Psych is one of the longest-running shows in USA Network history having produced 123 episodes. It has also featured stars such as William Shatner, Kenan Thompson, and Danny Glover. So the inclusion of WWE stars should not lead you to believe this is a small-time show, it is a big deal.

Come Full Circle

On December 7th, Psych: The movie aired on USA. It was arguably the biggest episode in the show’s history, and just like it did during its eight-year run; it once again embraced the WWE and its superstars. Not only did Charlotte Flair star as the evil henchwoman, John Cena also reprised his role as detective Juliet O’Hara’s brother. Cena and Charlotte joined a host of other guest stars, and it was only fitting that Psych brought them in for their biggest show yet.

While Psych’s embracement of WWE may not be the reason we see so many professional wrestlers having so much success in Hollywood today, we as wrestling fans should still respect what the show has done. After so many years of wrestling fans being offended and irritated by the way outsiders look at the business, we should always and forever love Psych for the way they have treated our favourite superstars.

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