Wrestling Is Art Results From Bridgewater, MA 2/17/13


Knights of Columbus Hall, Bridgewater, MA.

February 17, 2013

1. Mike Quackenbush defeated Drew Gulak by pinfall in 14:25.

2. Francis “Frank” O’Rourke pinned assailANT after a Half-Nelson Suplex in 6:55.

3. Jaka submitted Anthony Stone with the Jaguar Jaws in 9:47.

4. The Batiri defeated J.T. Dunn, Aaron Epic and The Estonian ThunderFrog by pinfall in 10:45, when the demonic trio was able to isolate The Estonian ThunderFrog with a Double Powerbomb assisted by a Demon Toilet from Kobald.

5. Brian Fury defeated Darius Carter “The Party Starter” by submission, in 11:29 with the Boston Crab.

6. Tim Donst defeated AR Fox by pinfall in 12:35, after knocking out his opponent for the second night in a row with the protective cap covering to the ring post.

7. Sidney Bakabella’s Devastation Corporation defeated F.I.S.T. by pinfall with the Death Blow in 12:56, after Chuck Taylor left Sugar Dunkerton on his own.

8. Colt Cabana defeated Green Ant in 16:45 by pinfall, after dropping the submission specialist across the top rope.


*A strong crowd braved a snow storm to attend Sunday’s showcase. This event will be made available through Smart Mark Video. Wrestling is Art will return to Bridgewater, MA on May 12th.

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