Tuesday, April 23

WWE 205 Live Results (11/28): Cedric Alexander & Mustafa Ali Team Up, Mike Kanellis In Action, Hideo Itami & More


WWE 205 Live
November 28, 2018

— The show starts off with a video package of General Manager Drake Maverick hyping the line up for 205 Live which includes Mike Kanellis vs Noah Darr, The Return of Hideo Itami and the Main event of Cedric Alexander and Mustafa Ali vs Buddy Murphy and Tony Nese. Folks it looks like we’re in for a show tonight on 205 Live!

Mike Kanellis w/ Maria Kanellis vs Noah Darr

The two lock up the start the match, as Mike Kanellis toys around with Noam Darr to start the match. Maria Kanellis is on commentary as Noah Darr kicks out the leg from underneath Mike Kanellis.  The fight spills outside as Noah Darr gets distracted by Maria and Mike Kanellis unleashes a fury of punches and a suplex to the outside of the ring. Mike rolls Noah Darr back in the ring for a two count. Noah Darr gets back in control with a big running dropkick to the head. Noah Darr hits a stiff uppercut then goes for a suplex but Mike Kanellis reveres it into a spinebuster as Lucha House parties music hits to distract Mike Kanellis so Kalisto can sneak attack Mike Kanellis with a Kick and Noah Darr can hit a huge shining wizard and he goes for the pin… 1…2.. 3 and that’s all she wrote folks!

Winner: Noah Darr

— Backstage Brian Kendrick and Akira Tozawa are training backstage as Tozawa as Kendrick unleashes his frustration on the hands on Towaza.

— A video package from Drew Gulak and Jack Gallagher cutting a promo announcing Drew Gulak versus Brian Kendrick for next week’s episode of 205 Live.

Hideo Itami vs ???

Hideo Itami starts the match with a hard big boot to the face as he follows it up with a knee to the gut and then a soccer ball kick to the spine of Cruise. Itami unleashes a fury of strikes ending with a back fist and missile dropkicks Cruise while he’s seated in the corner of the ring. Itami hit’s his modified GTS for the Victory!

Winner: Hideo Itami

— After the match Itami continues to attack Cruise before Ariya Daivari makes his return after 7 months to a small pop as he comes down to the ramp with a serious look on his face. Itami and Daivari Square off but it was all a ploy as Daivari attacks Cruise also picks him up and yells at Hideo Itami to hit him. Daivari then tells Itami ” I RESPECT YOU” and offers Itami a handshake which Itami accepts!

— TJP is backstage with Drake Maverick complaining about not getting a championship match, but Mike & Maria Kanellis walk into the picture and tell TJP that he’s going to help them get rid of the Lucha House Party , TJP is hesitate at first but agrees. Maria Kanellis demands a tornado Tag team match with Lucha House Party and Drake Maverick approves.

Cedric Alexander and Mustafa Ali vs Buddy Murphy(c) and Tony Nese

Cedric Alexander and Tony Nese start the match off. The two jock for positions before Nese backs Cedric up in the corner and flexes in his face. the two change holds back and forth before Cedric finally comes out the best of the exchange with a dropkick then tags in Ali as they hit double team dropkick on Nese. Buddy Murphy tags in as Mustafa Ali hits a hurricanrana and a dropkick , Ali tags in Cedric but Buddy gets away and tags in Tony Nese.

Big soccerball kick to the face of Nese. Buddy Murphy tags himself in and catches Cedric with a knee straigh tto the jaw. Buddy Murphy toys around with Cedric now, kicking him in the head while he’s on the floor as Buddy Murphy tags in Tony Nese and Nese locks in the a submission on Cedric. Cedric is finally able to get able and tags in Mustafa Ali as he enters the ring hitting a big double cross-body, a rolling Bella Busta then a high angle Powerbomb and he goes for the pin… 1….2.. and Buddy Kicks out!

The crowd is chanting ” lets go Buddy/ Buddy Sucks” as Mustafa Ali tries to fly onto Buddy Murphy but is caught by Buddy and hit was back elbow shot and big knee to knock Mustafa Ali out of the ring. Nese is tagged in and flexes over Mustafa Ali and goes back on the attack . Buddy Murphy is tagged in now as he hits a hard kick to the spine of Ali and goes for the pin. 1…2 and Ali kicks out. Buddy plays mind games with Cedric and Mustafa Ali catches Buddy with a small package but Murphy kicks out and strikes Ali with a spinning back elbow. Ali runs Tony Nese into Buddy Murphy and knocks them outside the ring and Ali desperately tries to go for the tag but Buddy Murphy is there to pull Cedric off the Apron .

Tony Nese runs over Ali with a running Cross-body as Buddy is tagged in. Buddy tries to hit his fury of offensive strikes but Ali Counters with a spinning heel kick to Buddy as both teams are able to make a tag! Cedric comes in red hot, Hits a spinning back elbow, a Dropkick to Buddy on the Apron and a springboard slingshot against Nese. Cedric gets distracted by Buddy Murphy and Tony Nese is in control. Buddy and Nese go for a double team move but Cedric pushes Nese into Buddy whose on the top Turnbuckle.

Ali Tags in as Ali and Cedric go for a double suplex while standing on Nese’s Back but Buddy Murphy sleeps and take a huge fall to the outside. Cedric Hits dive over the top rope onto Tony Nese. Mustafa Ali climbs back into the ring but Buddy is waiting for him and hits a running knee onto Ali, Buddy goes for Murphy’s Law,Ali reserves into a spinning DDT, Cedric Tags in then hits the Lumber Check and goes for the pin 1…2…3. The Soul of 205 Live picks up the win for his team!

Winners: Cedric Alexander & Mustafa Ali