WWE 205 Live Results (12/26): Hideo Itami vs Jack Gallagher, Mustafa Ali Comes Home to Chicago & More


WWE 205 Live Results
December 26, 2017

– A video package opened the show featuring all the drama between Cruiserweight Champion Enzo Amore and #1 contender Cedric Alexander, who has been systematically destroying the ‘Zo Train week after week.

– Drew Gulak was shown backstage on his phone, waiting for Enzo to call him. Cedric Alexander showed up and made fun of him for being a “sugarplum fairy” as he was called on Raw last night. They made comparisons to “It’s a Wonderful Life” and Gulak compared the champion to his George Bailey. Cedric tried to plant seeds of doubt in his ear by saying that a 205 Live without Enzo Amore would be better for him and his PowerPoint presentations in the future.

(1) Hideo Itami def. Jack Gallagher. They showed replays of Hideo breaking Brian Kendrick’s orbital bone on Raw last night, and seem to actually be playing it up as a reason everyone should fear him. They had a good back and forth match with Gallagher employing some creative offense using the ring apron early on, taking any opportunity to cheat that he possibly could. Hideo eventually made a comeback with a series of suplexes and strikes, hit a double stomp from the top rope, and got a submission win with the Rings of Saturn.

– Tony Nese was interviewed backstage about being turned on by Enzo Amore and the Zo Train. He claimed he was out for revenge but also claimed that his career had only gone up since joining up with the Zo Train, and called Enzo a “global superstar” that couldn’t be disputed. Akira Tozawa made fun of him for flip-flopping on and off the train, so Nese attacked him.

(2) Tony Nese def. Akira Tozawa. A short match, but some decent back and forth throughout. Tozawa was his usual self with all the weird chants, but Nese was particularly fired up tonight with something to prove. He was a bit more brutal than usual, and got the win with a running knee strike in the corner.

– Drew Gulak came out with Ariya Daivari representing the Zo Train. He said at the end of the year it’s always nice to look back on the bad and the good of everything that happened, and wanted to cover the Best of 2017 with a PowerPoint presentation. Cedric cut him off because he could get started and got a cheap pop when mentioning they were in Mustafa Ali’s hometown of Chicago. The two tried to divide the heels by talking about how they would never be friends outside of the Zo Train, and talking about all the times they’ve thrown each other under the bus.

(3) Cedric Alexander & Mustafa Ali def. Drew Gulak & Ariya Daivari. Good main event match with Ali getting a nice reaction for doing a little high flying at home. Ariya had him up on the top rope looking for a superplex, but Gulak got in his face and scolded his partner for being on the ropes while in his “No Fly Zone”. Cedric hit Gulak with the Lumbar Check from behind, and Ali connected with an inverted 450 splash to pick up the win. 

– The two remaining Zo Train members argued after the match, as Ariya had a very good case that he could have won the match. He yelled that Gulak’s rules don’t matter and they could have won, but Gulak stuck to his guns and the two almost came to blows. Eventually they left and the two babyfaces celebrated their big win to end the show.