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WWE Mixed Match Challenge Results
January 30, 2018

– Michael Cole, Corey Graves and WWE Hall of Famer Beth Phoenix are here welcoming us to Facebook Watch for week three of the WWE Mixed Match Challenge.

– We see footage of Braun Strowman training Raw Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss for their bout tonight. He’s trying to show her how to flip cars over like it’s literally nothing, saying that “it’s not tractor trailer, but we’ll work our way up”. Strowman tells her to lift from her knees not her back, and then simply stand up and flip the car. No big deal. Hilarious segment.


Becky Lynch chooses to start things off for her team and does a little of the Sami Zayn dancing, which pops her tag team partner. It’s all “Straight Fire” from the start using numerous submission holds and delivers kicks and stiff forearms. The champ tries to make a tag several times but gets caught in a leg scissors, as Becky rolls her in circles over and over again until neither woman can stand up.

We get a little tension now as Strowman wants into the match, but Bliss yells at him that she knows what she’s doing. The big man eventually backs down and says that he trusts her, and the champ manages to get a few quick arm drags in to prove her point. Finally she makes the tag to Braun yelling “do I have to do all the work around here?” and Sami looks like he’s seen a ghost, turning paper white. They go to lock up but Zayn rolls to the floor and taunts his opponent about “catching these hands”. He takes him on a wild goose chase around the ring but everyone forgets how quick the giant is, as he nearly caught up.

Sami tagged out to Becky before Braun could even get a single offensive move in, much to the frustration of the crowd. He finds some courage and tags back in but is quickly destroyed by the “Monster Among Men” who throws him across the ring like a sack of flower. Zayn hilarious rolls out of the ring and tags his partner again, crying out “I’m going to need a few minutes Becky!”

Bliss took advantage of her opponent’s sympathy and attacked her from behind, immediately going into a rest hold and working over her neck and shoulder. After several minutes Sami started leading the crowd in singing “happy birthday” to his partner, which fires up Becky and she connects with an enzuigiri to give her a little bit of space. Zayn fires her up before Lynch makes the tag and he realizes he now has to wrestle, and changes his tune immediately.

Sami connects with some dropkicks and manages to send the big man to the floor, using his speed to try and stay alive and out of Strowman’s range. He keeps it up for a bit but eventually Braun catches him and throws him like a lawn dart into the ring post. Becky tries to help him but Miss Bliss came out of nowhere and the two women brawled back into the ring as the men fought out into the crowd.

Eventually Braun had to come all the way back to the ring just to tag in Bliss because she wasn’t the legal person in the match. He almost fell coming back into the ring which got a rise out of the fans. Bliss came in and climbed the ropes, standing on top of Strowman’s shoulders as he connected with a sky-high splash to get the three-count on Becky Lynch.

Winners: Becky Lynch & Sami Zayn

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