WWE 205 Live Results (5/16) Two New WWE UK Competitors Debut As They Clash With 205 Live



Joseph Conners kickstarted the match with the Cruiserweight Champion with the commentators putting over the story regarding his ear just as they did during the WWE UK Championship. Conners showcased his aggression early on, but Alexander managed to get the tag to Flash Morgan Webster who got a great reception.

Webster quickly showcased what he is capable of by taking down Drew Gulak and he then introduced Mustafa Ali who leaped from the top rope to take down Conners which was followed up by a spinning heel kick. Gulak then grabbed both his partners and had a pep talk with them which appeared to work as James Drake showed his aggressive side as he and Conners stomped out Ali.

The heels continued to control the match as Flash Morgan Webster was busted open badly from his mouth but he managed to fight back and his a hurricanrana from the middle rope to get some distance between himself and his opponent and the hot tag was made to Ali who took down Conners with a dropkick.

Ali then rocked Conners with a facebuster and sent him to the top rope but Ali saw James Drake coming and avoided him, throwing Conners into him to take out both the UK competitors in a very impressive move. Conners continued to shine, though, throwing Ali throat first into the ring ropes but he managed to get the tag to Alexander and with Drake re-entering the match, the Cruiserweight Champion took control. With all six men getting involved and trading big moves, each man would end up down on the mat.

Webster managed to fly through the ropes to take out his UK opponents, but back in the ring Alexander got caught by Gulak who attempted to make the champion tap but he eventually managed to escape and bring in Ali, who hit an amazing DDT from the top rope. Ali then hit the 054 and picked up the win for his team after a very solid main event which displayed the UK talent well.

Winners: Flash Morgan Webster, Cedric Alexander, & Mustafa Ali

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