WWE 205 Live Results (2/13): Drew Gulak vs Tony Nese, UK Star in Action, Cruiserweight Title Tourney Continues


WWE 205 Live Results
February 13, 2018

– A video package recaps the Cruiserweight Championship Tournament so far and hypes tonight’s matches.

– Mark Andrews is interviewed backstage and says he’s excited to have his first match on 205 Live and show the world what he can do. His goal is to continue advancing in the tournament and go on to WrestleMania for the very first time.

(1) Mark Andrews def. Akira Tozawa in a Cruiserweight Championship Tournament first round match. A long, slow-building match with lots of chain grappling to kick things off, building gradually to a crescendo of stiff kicks, elbows and strikes. British Strong Style vs. Japanese Strong Style at its best. Andrews shined with crazy flips off the top rope, a standing corkscrew shooting star press, and all kinds of madness that the crowd got behind. After about 15 minutes of back and forth action Tozawa hit a brutal corkscrew kick and tried to put it away with an O’Conner roll, but Andrews rolled into a crucifix pin and got the surprise win.

– Next week we’ll see Jack Gallagher vs. Mustafa Ali in another championship tournament match. Gallagher shows up for an interview in a full burgundy suit and umbrella. 205 Live GM Drake Maverick interrupted him and told him that next week he better get his act together and show up in appropriate wrestling clothing.

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– NXT Superstar Buddy Murphy has lost some weight and is now 204.4 pounds, and will make his 205 Live debut next week against Ariya Daivari in another first round match.

(2) Drew Gulak def. Tony Nese in a Cruiserweight Championship Tournament first round match. Another slow start as they traded submissions and felt each other out a bit. Gulak was unwilling to fly throughout the match and it gave Nese the advantage on several occasions, including a huge Fosbury Flop clearing the ropes. An okay match that had all the elements to be great, but didn’t quite built it up properly. At the end Gulak completely snapped and threw his opponent into the announce table half a dozen times, then hit a lariat that knocked him out cold. The ref wanted to end the match but Gulak continued with two stiff powerbombs, then locked in a choke hold on a lifeless Nese until the ref threw out the match.

– After the match a totally new Drew Gulak got in the referee’s face, grabbed the Cruiserweight Championship at ringside and posed with it, before throwing it back at him.