WWE 205 Live Results (7/17): Lio Rush vs Akira Toazawa, Noam Dar vs TJP & More!


WWE 205 Live Results
July 17, 2018
Report by Matthew Wilkinson for ProWrestling.com.

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Prior to the match TJP complains stating that this is a treat as he is finally told who he will be facing before hand, and says if he had a wish he would be the number one contender. However, Drake Maverick would rather have him be a curtain jerker. He gives credit to Noam Dar for his return, but says nothing has changed, he is still the best in the game.

TJP goes in swinging from the very star and Dar reads it well and then escapes to the outside before eating a knee from Dar, but the Scotsman takes the fight to TJP on the outside. Dar then throws TJP out of the ring but he smartly swings back in underneath Dar, but he reverses TJP’s attempted submission.

TJP then slammed Dar into the top turnbuckle applied the pressure of his foot straight into Dar’s face as Drake Maverick watches on from the back. TJP then flings himself over the ropes to land on Noam Dar who is struggling at this stage in the match as TJP suplexes him and then transitions into a submission very smoothly.

Noam continues to transition from one submission to another as he continues to pick off body parts, this time snapping at the arm of Noam Dar, but he then returns to working on Noam’s previously injured knee. Noam finally gained some breathing room and attempted to hit his Detonation Kick, but once again TJP avoided it and sent him throat first into the ropes.

TJP attempted to dive over the ropes and onto Dar but he moved out of the way and dropkicked TJP to the outside but he responded by sending Dar into the barricade as the match continues to go back and forth. Back in the ring with Dar speaking to the referee, TJP chop blocked the injured knee and then hit a Boston Crab with the ropes as leverage, only breaking the hold for the five count. TJP then locked in the Knee Bar and forced Noam Dar to tap after a fairly dominating performance by TJP.

Winner: TJP


A video package highlighted Cedric Alexander’s victory last week over Hideo Itami and then showed Mustafa Ali talking about his win over Buddy Murphy, claiming he will continue working until he becomes champion.


Drew Gulak wastes no time with a huge clothesline followed by a backdrop driver and straight away the Gulock is in and this one is over in devastating fashion.

Winner: Drew Gulak

Following his win, Gulak says that the fans have been subjected to unworthy Cruiserweight Champions, but now they have the champion they need, in him. He then claims his opponent reminds him of Cedric Alexander, because when you step to him, you will tap out.


Backstage, Buddy Murphy says he lost his cool last week because he doesn’t like to lose, but he doesn’t regret it. However he does regret that Tony Nese didn’t get to show his full qualities, but Nese says next week they will settle it in the ring, one on one, and they will all leave their teammates behind as he faces Kalisto alone.

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