WWE 205 Live Results (7/31): Cedric Alexander vs Brian Kendrick, Cruiserweight Title Match Signing, Lio Rush, More!



Lio Rush says he knows people are annoyed that he didn’t give Tozawa a rematch, but although he was tempted, it just isn’t fair as he already found someone more qualified to face him. He claims he has heard a lot of impressive things about his opponent tonight, who is a local talent, stating he will put up a bigger fight than Akira.

Ricky Martinez came out of the gates hot but Rush’s speed proved to be too much as he booted him in the face before he went flying through the bottom two ropes to take him out again. Rush then set things up for his impressive Frogsplash finish as he picked up a quick victory.

Winner: Lio Rush

Following the match, Akira Tozawa heads down to the ring but Lio Rush rolled out and left instead.


This week’s main event starts off in a cagey manner with both men exchanging holds as they look to gain a foothold in the match. The Cruiserweight Champion was the first to gain control with several big chops to the chest of The Brian Kendrick.

Drew Gulak then made his way down to the ring which distracts Alexander as he told the number one contender to watch as he looked to dive on Kendrick on the outside. Brian had hidden under the ring though and grabbed Alexander, forcing him into the ring apron before smashing Alexander into the stairs.

Kendrick attempted to hit Sliced Bread but Cedric did a good job of reversing it by throwing Kendrick over the top rope which he followed up by flipping over the top rope to take out Kendrick. Alexander then went for the Lumbar Check but Kendrick had it scouted and attempted a roll up until a major elbow rocked him.

Cedric then hit Kendrick with the Neurolizer although Kendrick managed to dump Cedric to the floor just after. With Cedric attempting to leap back into the ring, Kendrick caught him and locked in the Captain’s Hook but the champion just managed to get to the bottom rope. Kendrick once again looked for his Sliced Bread finisher, but Alexander reversed with the Lumbar Check to pick up another win.

Winner: Cedric Alexander

After the match, Gulak headed into the ring but as he was distracted, Jack Gallagher appeared and hit him with a huge headbutt. Just as Gulak and Gallagher looked to pick up the pieces, Drake Maverick headed to the ring and stopped anything from happening.

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