WWE 205 Live Results (7/3): Noam Dar Returns, Murphy vs Ali No DQ Match and More!


WWE 205 Live Results
July 3, 2018
Report by Matthew Wilkinson for ProWrestling.com.

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The former Cruiserweight Champion says tonight Drake Maverick has scheduled an opponent, which he points out has happened every single week. He said he notices three things:

1-This is not the main event
2-This is not for the Cruiserweight Championship
3-He insults the local town, claim it is a dump.

TJP tells the fans not to boo him as they know it is terrible but he is out there and will give Maverick another chance, claiming he might have finally found an opponent that is worthy of being in the ring with him.

TJP’s opponent is none other than Noam Dar! The Scottish Supernova is back on 205 Live after becoming the number one contender for the UK Championship lately.

Dar takes the fight right to TJP and hits his finisher within seconds to pick up a huge return victory as the camera pans to Drake Maverick backstage enjoying the result.

Winner: Noam Dar


Buddy Murphy says if it wasn’t for Mustafa Ali, he would already be Cruiserweight Champion, but tonight he can send Ali to the hospital bed and then whether it is Cedric Alexander or Hideo Itami, he can become the champion.

TJP is then shown walking back from his loss and he totally blanks an interview as he leaves the arena totally.


Before Tozawa’s match begins Lio Rush arrives to take a closer look at things as he watches from ringside. As the bell rings Tozawa quickly takes the fight to his unknown opponent with several chops and a quick jab for good measure.

A slight hesitation from Tozawa who focuses on Rush costs him as Jason rocks him with a knee and then sends him to the mat, only for Jason to miss a moonsault attempt. Tozawa makes the most of that with a spinning heel kick and he goes to the top turnbuckle, hits his finisher and gets a quick win.

Winner: Akira Tozawa

Following the match, Lio Rush says it was incredible and admits he is a fan and can see why he is a former champion. He asks Akira what he has done since then, but says it seems like he has been waiting for opportunities which he thinks is sad. He says the difference between them is that Lio Rush is too quick and too good to wait. Lio Rush then challenges him to a match for the future.

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