WWE 205 Live Results (9/17): Oney Lorcan vs Tony Nese, Lince Dorado Gets Revenge for Lucha House Party


WWE 205 Live Results
September 17, 2019

The show starts with a recap of the triple threat Cruiserweight Championship match at WWE Clash of Champions that saw Drew Gulak retain his title.


Dorado takes it to the floor early and delivers a hurricanrana from the barricade. Daivari catches him coming back into the ring and slams his knee down hard, then slows things down with a headlock. After a beat, Dorado rallies back and breaks free, coming off the ropes with a springboard corkscrew crossbody. He tries for something else in the ropes but Daivari plants him with a DDT and goes right back to the headlock. He eventually breaks the hold just to taunt the fans, then… right back into the headlock. After another minute he breaks the hold to deliver a dropkick and… right back into the headlock.

Finally Dorado rallies with a series of dropkicks, before catching him low with a superkick to the knees. A high crossbody from the top rope connects, but it’s not enough. Dorado looks to put it away with the Shooting Star, but Daivari crotches him on the ropes and whips him down hard with a straight-jacket snapmare. The lucha star comes right back with a superkick and connects with a moonsault, followed by a second. Daivari dodged the third moonsault and plants him hard with a nasty uranage slam for a nearfall. He kicks out of a series of pinning combinations and delivers a thudding sit-down powerbomb, but it still wasn’t enough. Up to the top rope they go, trading rights and lefts, until Dorado knocks him down with elbow shots and connects with a Shooting Star Press. It’s over.

Winner: Lince Dorado

They show footage of Tony Nese attacking Oney Lorcan backstage. Lorcan cuts a promo admitting that last week Nese hurt him pretty bad, but not nearly as much as Lorcan’s going to hurt him tonight. When he’s done, he’s coming for Drew Gulak and the Cruiserweight title.


Gallagher works a wrist lock to get things started, showing off that British-style hold manipulation. He misses a charge in the corner but sends his opponent to the floor anyways, but is backed off by Tozawa. Kendrick delivers a dropkick that sends him flying into Tozawa. The two argue and Gallagher starts shoving him, until Kendrick ran around with a kendo stick and smacked him for the DQ.

Winner: Jack Gallagher (via DQ)

Kendrick continues his assasult after the match, deliver a half dozen shots from the kendo stick. Tozawa does not seem okay with the level of violence and tries to get Kendrick to ease up. He stops him from locking in the Captain’s Hook and managed to get TBK to leave the ring, until he came back and blasted Tozawa with the kendo stick as well, just for good measure.

Humberto Carrillo is very disappointed in his loss at Clash of Champions. He says he knows he could have beaten Drew Gulak one-on-one, but he’s going back to work and will earn another shot at the title.


Lorcan goes to work with heavy right hands and a body slam right away, before delivering a knee to the chest of his opponent. He starts raining down with punches in the corner, getting the full 10, before sending Nese over the ropes with a big clothesline. 100% Lorcan for the first few minutes. Nese manages to wake up before getting thrown into the commentary table and kicks Lorcan into the ring post, remembering to break the count in the process. Nese sens him flying into the barricade head over heels, then picks him up and throws him into the opposite barricade, before actually slamming him THROUGH the commentary table!

Lorcan is just able to roll back into the ring before the ref’s 10 count, and Nese is on top of him like a shark smelling blood in the water. He applies a chokehold while elbowing his opponent in the ribs to slow things down for a brief moment, before Lorcan started throwing rights and lefts trying to break free. Nese nails him in the jaw with a spin kick to put him right back down.

Nese slows things down with a body scissors, and works the hold for several minutes. Lorcan very slowly mounts his comeback with shots to the thigh, and gets back to his feet. He starts throwing chops and the crowd (kind of) gets behind him. Nese chops him in the throat before slamming his head over the top rope, but crashes and burns with a springboard moonsault attempt. Lorcan delivers a spinning uppercut and charges the corner with big hip attacks. Nese rolls under a Blockbuster attempt, but gets caught the second time.

Lorcan isn’t done, and rolls to the outside to throw Nese head first into the barricade. The crowd wants “one more time” so he got his receipt and threw him OVER the opposite barricade into the crowd. He’s not done yet though and sends him crashing into a third barricade, before finally rolling things back into the ring. Nese surprised him with a spin kick to the ribs, but got turned inside out by a ridiculous lariat for a two-and-a-half count. Lorcan got a half-and-half suplex after trying for it earlier, but Nese again landed on his feet and hit a jumping double foot stomp.

They go back and forth, both looking for their finishers until Nese hits an insane corkscrew palm strike to his opponent on the top rope. That set up for the Running Nese, but Lorcan blocked it with a single-leg dropkick. Drew Gulak came out of nowhere on the outside of the ring and grabbed Lorcan’s foot, which allowed Nese to roll him up with a handful of tights to win.

Winner: Tony Nese