WWE 205 Live Results (9/11): Buddy Murphy vs Gran Metalik, Mustafa Ali Returns to Action, Tag Team Main Event


WWE 205 Live Results
September 11, 2018
Report by Matthew Wilkinson for ProWrestling.com.

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Metalik does some beautiful high-flying to get things started, coming off the ropes with handspring attacks and headscissors takedowns, literally flying in circles around his opponent. Murphy took a breather on the floor and ducked under a baseball slide, delivering a stiff elbow shot for his first offense of the bout, but Metalik caught him with a dropkick, then went up to the top rope and connected with a huge moonsault all the way to the floor!

Murphy eventually got his boots up in the corner and immediately applied a side headlock on the mat, slowing things down. He worked the hold for several minutes until the lucha star started throwing wild punches and shoulder strikes in the corner, trying to break the hold, but Murphy broke it for him and rained down with a series of devastating kicks and blows in the ropes. The two fought up to the top rope looking for some big offense, trading rights and lefts, and it was Metalik who flew off the ropes into a sunset flip powerbomb that looked all kinds of painful!

Metalik with an enzugiri on the apron followed by a springboard crossbody and a reverse Slingblade. He connected with a series of loud chops before coming off the ropes once again with a springboard back elbow, but only got two. He looked to put things away with the Metalik Driver but had to settle for a superkick instead. Metalik to the top looking for a moonsault, but Murphy caught him into a brutal powerbomb! 1…2… Murphy deadlifted his opponent high into the air and delivered an even more brutal sit-down powerbomb, but it still wasn’t enough to finish things.

The two got to their feet trading strikes and kicks. Metalik hit a superkick sending gum flying, followed by an explosive lariat that turned the #1 contender inside out! Metalik Driver connects! 1…2…NO! He flew off the ropes again but Buddy dodged, and it looked like the high-flyer may have tweaked his knee in the process. Murphy caught him from behind with a chop block, then delivered Murphy’s Law to finally score the win. What a match!

Winner: Buddy Murphy

— A video recapped everything that happened with Mustafa Ali last month, with Hideo Itami attacking him in an injured state and putting him on the shelf for several weeks.

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