WWE 50th Anniversary Plans, Jake Talks to DDP About Relapsing, Austin


– Diamond Dallas Page posted part 2 of Jake “The Snake” Roberts talking about relapsing:


– Steve Austin tweeted about the new TV show he started filming a pilot for on Thursday:

“Had an action packed day shooting a pilot show today. Lots of bust ass action. Round 2 tomorrow. So far. So good.”

– WWE has begun work on a book to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the company and it’s history. We noted months ago that WWE was working on a big DVD project for their 50th anniversary also.

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Partial source: PWInsider


  1. I believe he shouldn’t focus on living the good life as much as the bad life. His self-defeating behavior and feeling angry at himself are what are fueling his addictions. Stop saying no to yourself and he’ll not want beer…and whatever else.

    • Being disgusted stinking like cigarettes helped me quit. I may want one or several but its the feeling and stinking bad part afterwards that keeps me away. It ain’t worth it.


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