WWE Airing Footage of Lesnar’s Attack on HHH’s Office

As noted earlier, Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman paid a visit to WWE Headquarters in Stamford, Conn., Monday morning. WWE has since then provided an update on Heyman and Brock’s visit.

Heyman has also provided yet another update showing the carnage left behind at Triple H’s office.

Triple H s Office

#BreakingNews! An #F5 tore thru @TripleH’s @WWE World HQ office today! I’ll make footage avail on #RAW tonight!

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  • Jay

    This is no work people.This is real as you can see from the damage

  • Ryan Ross

    aka getting all new stuff and remodeling the office possibly… take note, they just got a new deal on a new jet so. Its a make over and they figured they’d it to spice up the story line.

    • Jay

      Bro you have witnesses to this.This is legit

    • delrvich

      Come on. Remember kayfabe? Sure it’s real.

      • Jay

        So you think they would actually show HHH real name if its fake?From seeing the footage it was real for sure

  • stu66

    So fake lol, that office was more like a janitors cupboard it was so small lol

    • delrvich

      Twas the internet and the smark that helped kill pro wrestling