WWE Announces Official Host for This Year’s SummerSlam PPV


– It was announced at the San Diego Comic Con this week that The Miz will be the official host of this year’s WWE SummerSlam pay-per-view from the STAPLES Center in Los Angeles.

Speaking of The Miz, here is video of him at Comic Con in San Diego:

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  1. this is where the miz belongs, i think hes a great mic man but he could be a great wrestler hes not sloppy like cena but i dont think he wants to be hes not a true pro wrestler..not saying hes not a tough dude i think hes proven that but i just always think he should be a mic man and thats it , hell hed make a great manager someday.

    its like david otunga he does great things for wwe.but he does them outside the ring


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