WWE Announces Pre-Registration for New Mobile Game


WWE announced pre-registration for its new mobile game coming in May of 2019. The game is called WWE Universe and will be available on IOS and Android. Players who choose to pre-register can get special rewards when the new game goes live

WWE’s website gave details about the new game.

In WWE Universe, players will guide a team of Superstars and WWE Legends into battles fueled by ongoing storylines and live-action multiplayer modes. Players can take charge with simple, one-touch tap controls that trigger a Superstar’s signature moves in a bout featuring authentic maneuvers, chants, music and more.

Those who guide their Superstar teams to victory in daily, weekly or special events will see their efforts reflected in exclusive in-game rewards and on the WWE Universe leaderboard tracking the achievements.

This is not the first mobile game WWE has introduced of course, as WWE Mayhem, Supercard and Immortals continue to be fan favorites. The mobile games are typically not the focus for WWE however, as the 2K franchise continues to be a major highlight for the company.

WWE Universe will hit iTunes and Google Play on Tuesday, May 28.

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