WWE Asks Who Fans Want Kurt Angle To Face At WrestleMania; Gives 6 Options


Whilst Kurt Angle announced he will have a farewell match at WrestleMania 35, his opponent is currently unknown. WWE has now teased six possibilities on its social media channels.

WWE asked fans who they want to see the WWE Hall Of Famer have his last ever wrestling match again, showing images of six other WWE wrestlers.

Those names were:

  • John Cena

Cena has been highly rumored to be Angle’s opponent at WrestleMania due to the history that the two men have together. Angle was Cena’s first ever match in WWE and Cena also inducted him into the WWE Hall Of Fame.

  • Baron Corbin

Another possibly obvious pick ni terms of telling a story. Corbin has been a thorn in Angle’s side for a year now, replacing him as Raw GM and attacking him and defeating him several times.

  • Bobby Lashley

Much like Corbin, the Intercontinental Champion has been a problem for Kurt Angle, being part of the assaults led by Baron Corbin, although if he walks into ‘Mania as champion this one seems less likely.

  • Samoa Joe
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Again, it seems unlikely WWE will have Angle face a current champion at WrestleMania, especially one on a different brand who he hasn’t interacted with in WWE. However, they do have a lot of history together from TNA.

  • Drew McIntyre

Much like Corbin and Lashley, Drew McIntyre has been part of countless beatdowns to Angle throughout the past few months. He also made Angle tap out on Raw which really sparked the storyline of him considering retirement, but it does seem like WWE is pushing him towards a match involving Roman Reigns.

  • Shelton Benjamin

The last option is one that may take many by surprise, but WWE did feature Shelton Benjamin as an option. Benjamin recently appeared on WWE Raw, working alongside Paul Heyman and does have a lot of history with Kurt during their Team Angle days.