WWE Backlash Results (6/14): “The Greatest Wrestling Match Ever”


WWE Backlash Results
June 14, 2020
Orlando, FL


Before the match even begins, Kevin Owens makes his way down with a t-shirt and tie to join the commentary table. In the ring Andrade starts out in control, utilising a headlock to keep a grip of Apollo and he then ends up on the ring apron, pulling Crews back onto the ropes.

The United States Champion gets pulled out by Andrade, but that doesn’t work out well for the challenge who gets dropped onto the steel ramp. Crews then continues the attack by hitting a moonsault from the apron, taking down Andrade again.

Back in the ring, Crews connects with a standing suplex, but Andrade manages to kick out. He then tries to hit a splash in the corner, but Andrade sidesteps it and puts Crews face-first into the turnbuckles and he follows it up with a running knee attack.

Andrade scales to the top rope but he goes slowly and Apollo gets back up, unloading on chops to his opponent on the top turnbuckle. Andrade then fights back and drops Crews with chops of his own, but he misses with the stomp as Crews then folds up Andrade with an overhead belly to belly into the turnbuckles.

Crews keeps up his attack with several punches and he then fires into Andrade in the corner with a big splash and then a spine buster. Andrade counters the Olympic Slam but only ends up eating a dropkick. Apollo then tries to go towards the top rope but Andrade stops him on the apron and the two men go back and forth with punches and strikes.

However, Andrade wins out, leaping back into the ring and dropping Apollo with a DDT at the same time through the second rope. Apollo fights back though and connects with the standing moonsault/shooting star press combination.

But when he goes for the pin, Angel Garza gets up on the apron to distract the official. This brings Kevin Owens into the situation, pulling Angel off and dropping him with a Stunner, but as Crews turns around, Andrade tries to hit the Hammerlock DDT. But the champion battles out and connects with a toss powerbomb to retain his title.

Winner (and still United States Champion): Apollo Crews

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