Could WWE Book Team Balor VS Team Styles at Survivor Series?


In light of recent correlation between WWE and Bullet Club, fans are wondering what will happen next. When will the two be brought up in the same conversation once more? But what about WWE taking advantage of the situation?

Now with WWE Survivor Series around the corner, speculation of the traditional Survivor Series elimination match will be forthcoming. Thus without further ado, here is a fantasy match, so to speak…….

Team Balor VS Team Styles

Survivor Series is the only opportunity for WWE to showcase both brands, at the same time. So with this in mind one would assume that they should make the most of it, right? If anything Survivor Series might just be WWE’s chance to re-galvanize itself.

I refer to this match as WWE “Taking advantage” of recent events, as a lot of transpired events have been in relation with Bullet Club. Also, no one can forget that both Finn Balor and AJ Styles are both former members of BC, with Balor being the founding member and inaugural leader.

So with this in mind, it would be the perfect opportunity for WWE to finally put Balor and Styles in the same ring. Not only would this ring some nostalgia for the audience, but it would also make their clash a first-time ever meeting.

Despite the two competing in New Japan at the same time at one point, they never got the chance to face-off.

While the prospect of a longtime rivalry between the two is highly unlikely, this would be the ideal planting of the seeds. Perhaps in the next “WWE Superstar Shake-up” Styles may find himself back on RAW, but for now it is the best time for WWE to finally put the two up against each other.

At this point, we have no idea who shall be part of this year’s traditional five on five elimination match. However hopefully Team Balor VS Team Styles is what happens, in fact that would be…… TOO SWEET!

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