WWE Bringing Back WCW PPV, Vince See TNA as Competition?, More


– If you’re wondering about all the recent incidents where it appears TNA will do something on their TV program and then WWE will immediately turn around and do the same thing on their program the next week, it’s not a coincidence. As much as Vince McMahon claims he doesn’t think anything about TNA and doesn’t consider them competition, that’s not the case at all, and creative on both sides watch the other side’s programming.

– With the 2014 WWE pay-per-view dates recently being released, it appears WWE will be dropping either Battleground or Hell In a Cell in 2014. They will run 13 pay-per-views however they are going to add a second pay-per-view to June, bringing back The Bash at The Beach. There is also talk that next year’s October pay-per-view may feature a War Games match, something fans have been wanting for a long time. The only potential hang-up is that Survivor Series usually features four-on-four matches and it would be odd to do a four-on-four in October and in November.

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  1. so Stephanie calling Daniel Bryan a B+, ad then 2 weeks later Dixie turning Heel and calling AJ Styles the marginal one, was WWE ripping off TNA? Or AJ walking out as champ, like CM punk did 2 years ago? Give me a break. Both companies use stuff from each other, it’s not 1 directly ripping off the other.

      • before CM and AJ did the walk out thing with the belt Rick Flair did it with the WCW belt and showed up on WWF, and don’t forget Madusa left Raw and showed up on nitro with wwf women title and tossed it in the trash

          • It’s not the same at all. It is a totally different dynamic. The Ric Flair/Alundra Blaze type are not part of a storyline and is something to be avoided and can/will lead to screwjobs. The CM Punk type is scripted and plays on the controversies of the first type.

          • ric flair thing was part of the story line since he was billed as the real world champion when he arrived in wwf with big gold. the madusa thing I will agree with you was not part of the show but it does have the same effect as what aj/cm did as keeping the belt . (mic drop walks off I’m done)

          • The Ric Flair thing was not a WCW storyline, so it was not part of the show. It was just that the WWE weren’t the victims in this instance.

          • I get it, you think dropping the mic is cool but it doesn’t work in text form. Also I get that it’s supposed to be you getting the final word and that you don’t want to discuss things but just want to mention the Flair bringing the belt to WWF every chance you get ( I’ve seen you make that comment on 3 stories so far!).

          • well wen your old like me thats all you can remember plus the fact I stopped watching wwe right after the invasion angle ended

    • No they shouldn’t I think that they should get rid Payback in June and put back King of the Ring. And get rid all together of Battleground that makes it to 11. Then they couldn’t have Starrcade people love TLC. and they cant put Starcade and Rumble next to each. And I don’t see them getting rid of the Rumble to big of a draw.

  2. They should get rid of Battle Ground, Hell In A Cell, and Elimination Chamber, and replace them with King Of The Ring, Starrcade and Mayhem. Put Starrcade in December, and move Survivor Series to November.


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