WWE Championship outlook.


The Royal Rumble is in the rear view mirror. I picked Bray Wyatt but I lumped him in with Orton, so that counts, right? For the record, this is what I said about Bray and Orton in my Royal Rumble Preview…

We’ve been waiting for so long for them to go all in on Bray. Maybe they will finally do it. Randy should have already main evented Mania a few more times than he actually has. Their dynamic on SDL has been a great build and one of the best aspects of the show. HOW/WHY? Seems obvious we will get these two at Mania. Why not for the title? They can go either way with this. Either one of them can win here and the other wins the belt at Elimination Chamber. I think it makes more sense that Bray wins here, so Randy can stay with the group, until EC. If Randy wins, it causes a rift immediately. More fantasy: Randy could be a last second entrant in the EC and have Bray in there, too.  Shane can be nervous because if Bray wins, SDL will not have a # 1 contender for the belt because Bray will have won the Rumble and then the title at EC. They are the last two guys at EC and Bray wants Randy to let him win and…RKO! (Out of no where) – pin, and there’s your main event for Mania. VERDICT: Strong possibility for either guy. Even my fantasy booking seems possible to me. Bray is a favorite in my eyes. Orton, only slightly less of a favorite, but still a strong possibility.

So WWE went with Randy Orton, who right before the event, gained lots of steam as a favorite to win. I still think Bray would have been a better choice. And while my reasoning was it would cause a rift between the two hasn’t happened (yet), they are just dancing around the fact that they will be against each other if Bray wins the Chamber match. On RAW, Jericho and Owens have addressed the fact that they might have a match and have done a better job in that respect.

The fallout is right now we have a John Cena vs. Randy Orton main event at Mania. There is no scenario I can see where that match actually happens. We just had it on SDL this week and it’s been overplayed to death over the past few years.

The problem is John Cena tied Ric Flair’s Championship title win record at the Rumble. Will they water it down by having him lose the belt 2 weeks later? And if Cena does lose it, where does that leave him for Mania? There’s a rumored tag match with him and Nikki against Miz and Maryse. While I just can’t see that being John Cena’s Mania match, it might be a possibility because Cena’s availability is becoming an issue with all of his outside projects and for the first time it seems WWE is not too thrilled with him.

Ideally, we’d get Bray vs. Orton. It’s a fresh match up and the storyline is probably the best thing going on SDL, as I stated in my Rumble preview. It’s hard to predict which way they go. Things will start to take shape this Sunday.