WWE Competition In Mexico, Creative Departure Now Official, Attendance


– WWE’s October 18th show in Mexico City at the 21,000 seat Arena Ciudad goes head-to-head with the traditional weekly CMLL show at Arena Mexico and AAA’s Heroes Immortales show just 45 minutes away. It will be WWE’s debut in Mexico City’s newest and most modern arena.

– Here are recent WWE attendance figures:

* September 6th in Montreal drew 6,000 fans for $300,000
* September 7th in East Rutherford, NJ drew 7,700 fans for $360,000
* September 7th in Windsor drew 3,300 fans for $130,000
* September 8th in Brooklyn drew 7,000 fans for $380,000
* September 8th in Hamilton drew 3,600 fans for $130,000

– Dave Kriezman, who had been head of WWE’s writing team but quit in the summer only to be talked into staying until the end of summer to get through SummerSlam, is officially no longer with the company.

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Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter


  1. I don’t see WWE making too much of a dent in the AAA gate. AAA will have their biggest names on that card while WWE will probably have only one or two of their biggest names and probably in throw away matches. Expect Alberto Del Rio to be headlining these shows. One has to wonder if WWE will try to pass off Sin Cara as a major star, even though he’s even lost career momentum in Mexico.

  2. As a proud HAMILTONIAN I’m happy to see only 3,600 fans come to WWE’s stupid house show in our 17,500 arena. As for my favorite city in the world to visit-MONTREAL BABY!-I’m also proud to only 6,000 in their 21,009 plus


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