WWE Confiscates CM Punk Signs at NXT , Dark Match, Reby Comments


– The dark match before last night’s WWE NXT tapings at Full Sail University saw Jason Jordan defeat Baron Corbin.

– Matt Hardy’s wife Reby Sky tweeted the following yesterday, which could be a response to fans asking about their arrest that came out this week:

“Don’t be idiots. If sh*t you “heard” don’t add up, MAYBE IT AINT TRUE. Imagine that ! Wow ! Could it be ?! SMH…”

– Word from people at last night’s NXT tapings is that there have been a bunch of different chants for CM Punk. Security were also confiscating CM Punk signs. At one point when fans were supposed to be chanting “NXT” for a show opener, there was a good amount of fans chanting for Punk.

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  1. Imagine how much better wrestling would be right now if the WWE actually cared about what their fans wanted to see. When we all cheered for Stonecold instead of boo’ing him as the heel they noticed and ended up making a ton of money off it. Now they push the guys we boo and hold down the guys we cheer as if they know best…..

    • they’re not holding anyone down. Both Punk and Bryan have been in the spotlight for the past 2 years and nothing’s gotten better and Cena outsells anyone in merchandise. Get your s*** together and know of what you speak. Why are wrestling fans today so stupid?


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