WWE Continues to Tease Undertaker’s Return


WWE will be putting out feelers all evening for the return of The Undertaker via their app and other platforms before he is unveiled on tonight’s Raw.

WWE’s text messaging service sent out the phrase “I have risen” to subscribers, while their App is featuring the Undertaker’s symbol.

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  1. I think the shield will interfare in the fatal 4 way helping punk to victory problem is now with punk he cant seem to win a match on his own now. That should go against him at mania against taker the fact the last big matches hes had where the shield havent interfared he has lost big time . so that could be factor against him ending the streak. And hope wwe dont not put title on swagger with the drugs he was found with when arrested a few weeks back Mystero and RVD got suspended because of it.Maybe making it triple threat with ziggler winning as baby face as Big E will cost him his money in bank contract when cashing it in


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