WWE Copies Storyline from TNA Wrestling

As seen Sunday at Survivor Series, Mark Henry returned to action by answering Ryback’s open challenge, and defeating him.

According to F4WOnline.com, the short-lived storyline was copied from TNA Wrestling. On Impact Wrestling on Spike TV, former WWE Diva and reigning TNA Women’s Champion Gail Kim has been issuing open challenges, which inspired WWE’s creative department to use the idea for themselves.

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  • Zuckerton

    Yea because it’s not like WWE has used open challenges before. It’s not like Kurt Angle used to do it, or Chris Masters or Rodney Mack.

    • allan

      This is so stupid as soon as styles left with the title tna is ripping off wwe and the spam starts.but wwe says there ripping off tna and some how there not, p.s no one said tna came up with the idea originally I mean open challenges go back over 50 years , they just said they got the idea from when tna did it, nothing is original

      • Zuckerton

        “we says there ripping off tna and some how there not”

        F4WO said it was a TNA ripoff, not WWE.

        It is true that nothing is original and since nothing is original that makes everything a copy so you can’t say that WWE ripped off TNA nor can you really say that TNA ripped off WWE as athletes leaving the company with the main title has been done before WWE.

        Punk actually did that in OVW when he first signed with WWE.

  • 316

    hahaha this article was soooo stupid, I love the way Zuckerton wrote it in the comments

  • fmdof

    F4WOnline needs to shut the hell up. Bunch of retards. First off, it’s not an an original idea to have ripped off. Secondly, even if they did borrow the story line, who cares? There’s nothing original in wrestling anymore. Is it just a coincidence that the knockouts champ also aligned herself up with a larger black female wrestler as a bodyguard, who comes from a wrestling family, weeks after AJ Lee aligned with Tamina? Seems like the same damn thing to me.

  • Mohit Rai

    I dont know if u guys remember that heath slater gave open challenges last year before raw 1000 and even on raw 1000 to the legends. He had matches with ddp lita jbl and many others.

  • steelbangin

    No original moment in Pro Wrestling since 2003.

    • Phantom90


  • Timothy Graham

    What does it matter where an idea comes from as long as it’s entertaining? I know JR has a blog, I know ex-ECW champion Justin Credible has a regular thing and I know that this site just gives us what others are reporting. I know all of that but I come here. WWE is where I go for wrestling entertainment and Prowrestling is my choice for wrestling news.