WWE Delivers Intimate Look Into Dean Ambrose’s Troubled Psyche in New ‘Chronicle’ Special; Watch the Preview


WWE will release the latest episode of their Chronicle documentary series, this time featuring Dean Ambrose, on the WWE Network following NXT Takeover: WarGames this Saturday night.

WWE’s Youtube channel has posted a preview of the special and it gives fans an inside look into the Lunatic Fringe’s mindset before his return from injury in August. Dean spoke openly about the injury, which was to his right triceps.

“One day when I was home, it just blew up. So I just thought it would go away, just iced it, taped it up kept getting worse. I couldn’t extend my arm all the way so I couldn’t activate my triceps so after a couple of months, probably like November, my triceps started to atrophy.”

Ambrose did have surgery to repair his triceps and the Chronicle video documents his return to training, which ultimately led to his return to the ring. Dean talked about taking the time to reconnect with his love of the business.

“It’s good to remember where you came from, it’s good to start back at the beginning sometimes, and it’s good to remember you know, why you’re doing this in the first place. The only reason I started doing this and kept doing this is cuz I just love wrestling. I love being in the ring, I love locking up, I love grabbing holds, I love twisting guy’s faces, I love rubbing my forearm into guy’s faces. I just love wrestling.”

Two key takeaways from the preview include the opening, which features Ambrose venting his frustrations over the crew evidently attempting to lead his answers to their questions. The second key moment happens at the end, when Ambrose answers his cellphone and becomes frustrated with the person on the other end. It’s not known who he was speaking to, just as it’s unclear how much of the Chronicle special itself is really him, or him in character.

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Dean’s recent heel turn on Seth Rollins was one of the most shocking moments in recent WWE history. The turn came on the same night that Roman Reigns announced he was leaving due to the return of his leukemia. Chronicle will probably not touch upon the heel turn, as it was recorded before Ambrose came back to WWE. However it does appear to give some insight as to Dean’s motivations leading to his betrayal of The Shield.