WWE Elimination Chamber PPV Live Results


Tonight is a continuation on the road to WrestleMania. Can Naomi capture the Smackdown Women’s championship for the first time and walk into her hometown at WrestleMania the champ? Will John Cena walk out of the Elimination Chamber match still the WWE Champion? How will the on going friction between Luke Harper and Randy Orton be settled tonight? Find out tonight as coverage of the Smackdown pay-per-view, Elimination Chamber will begin 8PM EST. Continue refreshing the page for updates.

Introduction video for the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view.

Becky Lynch’s music plays and comes out to a nice pop. Mickie James comes out to a mixed pop.

Becky Lynch vs. Mickie James

Headlock to start off between the two.  Both end up outside the ring still in the collar and elbow tie up. They release and go inside the ring. Becky gets the advantage, but Mickie handsprings and counters into a wrist lock. Becky goes for the Disarmer, but Mickie gets the ropes. Mickie grabs Becky’s arm, but Becky sends her outside the ring.  Mickie gets onto the apron and both exchange punches with Beckey getting the better of the exchange. Becky rams Mickie’s head into the post and sends her off the aprong with a springboard kick. Becky flies off the apron with a forearm outside once  Mickie gets up. Becky sends Mickie into the ring, but Mickie is able to hit an arm DDT inside the ring.  Mickie takes advantage damaging the arm. The crowd cheers Becky on and Becky gets out of the submission hold and hits a clothesline. Mickie counters with a kick.

Mickie hits her signature hurracarrana from the turnbuckle. Mickie taunts and gets several more hits in. She goes for the cover, but Becky easily kicks out. Mickie puts Becky in a submission hold.  Becky counters and the women exchange forearms with Becky getting the better of it with clotheslines and a dropkick. She hits her signature T Bone and covers Mickie, but she kicks out at two. Becky rushes into the turnbuckle missing Mickie, who then hits a flapjack. Mickie goes to the top rope and hits a seated senton and gets a two count. Mickie attempts to ram Becky’s head into the turnbuckle, but Becky counters and is able to get a nice flying dropkick from the turnbuckle. Becky gets a two count.

Becky goes for a pumphandle slam, but Mickie gets out of it and hits a Mickie kick. She gets a close nearfall. Mickie goes for her DDT finisher, but Becky counters with a back body drop. She gets goes for the Disarmer, but Mickie counters into a pin situation. Becky is able to counter into a pin situation herself and gets the surprise three count.

Winner: Becky Lynch. A good match, but not as good as it could have been. The match was smooth and when given the chance the women showed that could pull out an excellent match, but the match was held back due to the classic wwe style match.

Worthless interview with Carmella and Ellsworth.

Handicap Match: Apollo Crews & Kalisto vs. Dolph Ziggler.

Ziggler attacked Kalisto before during his entrance and thus, making Kalisto unable to compete. Crews goes after Ziggler, but Ziggler is able to get the advantage for a bit. Crews is able to get some counters, but Ziggler is able to gain control with a sleeper. Crews escapes the hold, but Ziggler is able to get a neckbreaker on Crews.  Crews counters, but Ziggler is able to hit a kick in the stomach and then another neckbreaker. Kalisto struggles to come out to the ring selling the attack. Crews hits a nice enziguri. Crews tags Kalisto who hits some flashy offense including a senton, a handspring into a pele kick. Crews tags him from behind, and is able to gain the win with his spinout powerbomb.

Ziggler attacked Kalisto and Crews after the match. Ziggler destroyed Crews ankle with the chair twice. Thank you Ziggler abound as he walked to the back with a sick smile.

Winner: Apollo Crews & Kalisto. The match happened, I guess. Nothing close to memorable what so ever. The match by no means was terrible, but the time was too short, Kalisto and Crews are not over as babyfaces, and whole match itself is weird with a babyface handicap match advantage. Ziggler needs to move on to a bigger babyface quick.

Announcers congratulate The Rock on his award win.

WWE Smackdown Tag Team Championship: Tag Team Turmoil match.

Heath Slater and Rhyno come out first.

Fandango and Tyler Breeze are second.

Headlock between Fandango and Heath Slater. Chain wrestle exchange between the two with Slater getting an hip toss and atomic drop. Breeze runs in and eats an atomic drop for his troubles. Slater tags Rhyno, who remains in control of Breeze.  Several minutes later, Rhyno tags Slater and they hit a double team on Breeze. He gets a two count. Breeze is able to get the advantage when Fandango trips Slater from outside the ring.  Fandango is tagged in. Some double team on Slater from Breeze and Fandango with them exchanging several tags in the process. Slater hits a heel kick and is able to tag Rhyno, unbeknownst to Fandango. Fandango schoolboys Slater, but the referee tells him that Fandango is not the legal man. Rhyno gores Fandango and gets the pin. Fandango and Tyler Breeze are eliminated.

The Vauvillains rundown and are able to get the advantage of the Rhyno outside the ring, but Slater nails a nice crossbody onto both Gotch and English. Gotch and English were able to get some heat on the two, but not for long as Slater hits an impaler DDT on English and gets the win. Simon Gotch and Aiden English are eliminated.

The USO’s are out next. Slater and Rhyno put up some fight, but The Uso’s are able to take advantage and Slater is eliminated with a superkick. Heath Slater and Rhyno are eliminated.

American Alpha is out and both the USO’s and Alpha brawl to the ring. The Alpha’s are able to get german suplexes on each USO, but the USO’s regain the advantage and get heat on Chad. Jimmy and Chad collide. Gable is able to tag Gavle who comes in with a fast flurry of offense. Gable puts Jey in an electric chair position and tags Gable. Jey counters with a roll up on Jordan, but Gable is able to catch Jey with a roll up from behind and get the three count.

The USO’s attack and destroy both Alpha members with Jordan getting a frog splash in the end. The USO’s finally leave and The Ascension comes out. They hit their fall of man finisher on Jordan and cover him, but Gable is able to make the save. The Ascension regains control and takes apart Jordan. Viktor attempts a corner splash, but Jordan moves out of the way and connects with a belly to belly suplex. He’s able to get the tag to Gable, who is almost tripped up by Connor. Gable ducks and rushes in and Alpha connects with their tag finisher and scores the pinfall.

Winner: American Alpha. Everything was forgettable until The USO’s came in. The USO/Alpha feud is what the company should be focused on. Whenever these teams were in the ring, the match was engaging because The USO’s are the only tag team who are a threat. The Ascension/Alpha part was mostly believeable thanks to the USO’s attack. Let’s hope the USO’s and the Alpha’s finally have a long feud after this.

Video package for the Nikki/Natayla feud.

Nikki Bella vs. Natayla

Natayla taunts Nikki and then slaps her. She gets control with a headlock. Natayla taunts some more, but Nikki kicks her and then applies a cross armbreaker. Natayla escapes. Nikki slaps Natayla, but Natayla is able to get back the advantage. She taunts some more with the “U Can’t See Me”, but Nikki gains the advantage is able to send Natayla outside. She hits a baseball slide from behind and connects with a flying clothesline once Natayla gets up. Nikki puts her back in the ring, but Natayla scurries out the ring. She begs for a time out as Nikki comes closer to her, but Natalya pushes her back into the ring post.

Natayla gains control. She taunts and puts Nikki in a leg lock submission. She taunts again, but Nikki slaps her, and counters into an STF. Natayla quickly escapes, but Nikki hits a John Cena shoulder block and then a neckbreaker. She covers, but Natayla kicks out at two. Natayla is able to get the advantage again and hit an Michnoku driver for a two count. Nikki is able to connect with an forearm and cover Natayla for a nearfall. She attempts the Rack Attack 2.0, Natayla counters, runs into the ropes, but is met with a spinebuster. Nikki gets a two count. Nikki is able to hit a springboard spinkick and gets a two count. Nikki goes to the top rope, but Natayla rushes up and hits a superplex. After a brief count, Natayla gets up and applies the sharpshooter. After a close tapout, Nikki counters with an STF. Natayla is able to get to the ropes. The women get to outside the ring and have a physical exchange. The ref is counting during this whole time. Natayla stops Nikki from getting inside the ring and the match ends in a double countout. Natayla continues her attack and leaves the ring to a course of boos. However; Nikki is able to recover and attack Natayla, scaring her off.

Double Count Out. A good match bordering on very good until the Double count out ending. I don’t care for the reason for this feud or Natayla’s repetitive promo’s about Nikki, but these two worked hard to provide an entertaining match.

Luke Harper/ Randy Orton video package.

Randy Orton vs. Luke Harper

A lockup to start. Harper is able to knock Harper down. Orton rolls out the ring and walks around it. Harper goes outside and attacks Orton with punches and bashes his head into the announcers table.  Harper puts Orton back inside the ring and hits a dropkick. He covers him, but Orton kicks out at two. Orton is able to regain the advantage by knocking Harper outside the ring. Orton taunts as Harper outside the ring. Harper comes back in the ring, but Orton sends Harper back outside the ring again. he bashes his head into the announcers table and then back suplexes him on the table. Orton sends Harper in the ring and controls him with a headlock. Harper escapes, but Orton is able to get back the advantage. Orton taunts some more. He goes back to stomping Harper against the lower turnbuckle and applies another sleeper. Harper is able to escape and pull off some flashy offense.

He connects with a big boot and covers, but only gets a two count. Orton counters, but Harper is able to regain control and sends Orton out the ring. He attempts a suicide dive on Orton, but Orton nails him with a forearm. Orton comes back into the ring, but Harper sends him back outside and connects with a suicide dive. Harper back suplexes Orton onto the announce table. Harper taunts and runs to Orton, who countered with a powerslam. Harper is able to counter and get onto the top turnbuckle, but Orton is able to stop Harper and hit a superplex. Orton attempts an RKO, but Harper counters, but Orton is able to counter into a full nelson slam. Orton taunts signaling for an RKO. He waits for Harper get up, but Harper is able to a kick to the head. Moments later Harper is able to kick him in the head again. He gets a nearfall. Harper goes for a powerbomb and for a moment Orton is able to counter, but Harper is able to get the sit out powerbomb

Harper and Orton exchange fist with Harper getting the better of the two. Harper runs to the ropes attempting a discus clothesline, but Orton is able to connect with an RKO. He gets the three count.

Winner: Randy Orton. A really good match and without a doubt the best match of the night thus far. Every time Harper wrestles, he proves why he deserves to be more than Wyatt’s minion. 

A commercial for the WWE Network.

Nikki was being interviewed, but Natayla attacked her from behind. Power was spilled onto Maryse doing the fight that was broken up by officials.

WWE Smackdown Women’s Championship match: Naomi vs. Alexa Bliss (c)

Bliss turns her back arrogantly to Naomi, but Naomi rolls her up for two. Naomi is able to hit some offense and nails Bliss with a kick as she’s on the apron. Naomi springboards, but Bliss grabs her hair and sends her crashing onto the mat. She covers her, but gets only two. Naomi counters attempting a bulldog, but Bliss pushes her head into the top turnbuckle. Bliss covers her, but gets only two. Bliss gets advantage and goes to the turnbuckle while holding onto Naomi. She flips and takes her down and connects with bridge pin. She only gets two. Both women connect with a kick to the head and are down. After she gets up, Naomi shows off a nice flash of offense and is able to get a two count. Naomi goes to the top turnbuckle and gets a blockbuster. She gets a two count. Naomi is able to get rearview and get a nearfall.

Bliss is able to counter and hit insult to injury and gets a two count. Naomi is able to counter sending Bliss outside. Naomi signals for an aerial move, but Bliss stops her and hits a snap DDT. She gets a nearfall. Bliss throws a tantrum. Naomi counters, putting Bliss in the position for the split legged moonsault. Naomi attmepts the springboard moonsault, but Bliss moves out of the way and gets a cradle pin with her feet on the ropes. The referee catches her and the pin stops. Bliss goes to the top rope attempting a twisted bliss, but Naomi puts her knees up. She hits her split legged moonsault and gets the three count.

Renee Young interviews Naomi, who is emotional and gets the “You deserve it” chant from the crowd.

Winner: Naomi. A good match that was hampered by the few miscues between the two. Bliss losing this early surprises me. I would have preferred a chase between Bliss and Naomi, but Naomi does deserve the title. 

Video package for the elimination chamber match.

Elimination Chamber match for the WWE Championship: Dean Ambrose vs. The Miz vs. Baron Corbin vs. AJ Styles vs. Bray Wyatt vs. John Cena (c)

AJ Styles and John will begin the match. Styles and Cena tie up. Styles hits a shoulder block and taunts a bit as Styles looks on surprised. Styles is able to gain advantage, with hitting an argentine spinning powebomb into a pin. He gets a two count. Styles goes for the Styles Clash, but Cena counters with a flapjack and then hits a sunset flip. He gets a two count.  Cena has a brief moment of offense, but Styles is able to connect with neckbreaker. He gets a two count. Cena is able to get his signature five moves on Cena and signal for a five knuckle shuffle. The clock count down and Dean Ambrose is the next entrant.

Ambrose runs in an attacks Cena, successfully sending Cena into the steel chains a couple of times. Styles attempts to get Ambrose from behind, but Ambrose counters sending Styles into the steel chains and then clotheslines Styles back into the ring. Ambrose goes to Styles and the two end up outside the chain structure again with ambrose turning Styles inside out with a suplex. Ambrose then goes on top of one of he pods and hits Cena with a clothesline from the pod. Ambrose goes back in the ring where Styles is already is and goes for a german suplex, but Cena runs in from behind and hits a german suplex on both Ambrose and Styles. Cena puts Styles on his shoulders and uses Styles’s feet to kick Ambrose back. Styles escapes and hits the pele on Cena. Amrbose hits his latriat clothesline on Styles.

The clock counts down and Bray Wyatt is the next entrant. Wyatt runs and attacks everyone with a flurry of offense.  Wyatt ends up outside the structure. Styles attempts a springboard move, but Wyatt counters and sends Styles flying into the steel chains. Wyatt and Styles fight a bit more and Wyatt ends up in between the turnbuckle and structure. Styles is able to hit a springboard leg drop. From behind, Cena ambushed Styles and sets him up for the AA. Cena counters and goes up the steel structure. Cena follows. Cena and Styles fight a bit, but Styles is able to knock Cena off.

Styles goes to one of the pods and Ambrose meet him on top of the pod. They exchange punches with Ambrose getting the better of Styles. Wyatt pulls Ambrose down from the pod. Wyatt and Ambrose fight and end up in the ring. Wyatt gets the better of the exchange. Wyatt sees Styles on the turnbuckle and goes after him. Ambrose ends up under Wyatt as Wyatt’s fighting Styles and a different type of tower of doom spot happens.

The clock counts down and Baron Corbin is the next entrant. He runs in and attacks everyone. There is a point where Wyatt attempts sister Abigail, but Corbin counters and sending him into the chains. Corbin taunts the Miz, who looks scared. Corbin hits end of days on Cena and Styles, but never pins either man (making him look stupid). He does some damage to Ambrose and sends him out of the ring. Corbin waits for Miz as the clock count down. The pod opens, but Miz is too afraid to come out and Corbin waits for him. From behind, Ambrose schoolboys Corbin and gets the three count. Baron Corbin is eliminated.

Pissed off, Corbin destroys Ambrose throughout the structure with the end result is an end of days on Ambrose in the ring. Corbin finally leaves. After waiting for Corbin to leave, The Miz runs in the ring and covers Ambrose. He gets the three count. Dean Ambrose is eliminated.

The Miz hits a flurry of offense, mostly using Daniel Bryan’s moves. He hits the skull crushing finale on Wyatt outside the structure. He goes for crossbody from the top turnbuckle to Cena, but Cena rolls over and hits the AA. He covers the Miz and gets the three count. The Miz is eliminated.

Cena hits another flurry of offense on Wyatt and Styles. He hit the five knuckle shuffle on both men and the AA on both men. He cover Styles, but Styles kicks out. Cena goes on top of the pod. and hits a crossbody on both men. Cena goes for an AA on Wyatt, but Wyatt counters into a sister Abigail and covers Cena. John Cena is eliminated.

Styles and Wyatt exchange flurries with Styles getting the better of the two. After a few offensive hits from Styles, he connects with the springboard 450. Wyatt kicks out with a nearfall. Styles goes for the phenomenal forearm on Wyatt, but he counters in sister Abigail and gets the three count. AJ Styles is eliminated.

Winner: Bray Wyatt. A really good match. The outcome was not a surprise to anyone who has the internet, so taking out Cena early was a smart move as their was a small possibility that Styles could have won the match. Not the best elimination, but definitely not the worst or even close.

Overall, a decent pay-per-view. If you skipped the pay-per-view then you really didn’t miss anything memorable. Harper/Orton and The Elimination Chamber match were great, but nothing that will be remembered a couple of months from now except for Wyatt’s win.

Thank you for following along tonight. Wanna talk wrestling? Follow and message me on instagram with my username as elitedirector.


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