WWE Elimination Chamber Results (3/4): Shayna Dominates Inside The Cage, The Undertaker Takes AJ To Hell, New Champion Crowned


MARCH 8, 2020


We start with a collar and elbow tie up from both men and Gulak tosses Bryan over and Bryan gets up. We get another collar and elbow tie up and Gulak hits a fireman’s carry on Bryan and Gulak locks in a wrist lock, but Bryan escapes and needs to collect himself. Bryan now gets a headlock takeover on Gulak, but Gulak counters into a headscissors leg lock. Bryan reverses into a leg lock, but Gulak reverses into a leg lock of their own! Both men start to hit each other with the opposing legend the referee is forced to separate them. Bryan gets out of the ring to collect himself. We are seeing a technical one here folks.

Bryan picks the ankle of Gulak and rolls him to his belly. Bryan then works in a surfboard, but Gulak won’t give it up easily, so Bryan is forced to rake at the mouth. Gulak powers out and starts to lock in the surfboard himself! He locks it in and Bryan is in deep pain, but eventually is able to get out and nails a well placed kick to the leg of Gulak.

Gulak gets up and Bryan tries to give him a kick but Gulak snatches it and delivers a dragon screw to Bryan. Bryan tries to grab the legs of Bryan, Gulak, but Gulak is able to grab the head and neck of Bryan before starting to spin around with it and then deliver a neck breaker to Bryan. Gulak goes for the cover, but Bryan kicks out.

Gulak puts Bryan in the corner and delivers a thunderous chop, then another. Gulak grabs Bryan and tries to deliver a front suplex on the ropes, but Bryan counters with a suplex OVER the ropes to Gulak, but Gulak hangs on and Bryan crashes and burns to the outside as well. Both men down and the referee starts to count, but both men make it back in at the count of 6.

Gulak starts to deliver chops again, but Bryan gets some kicks on Gulak for some separation. Bryan misses wildly, which allows Gulak to deliver a HIGH side suplex, landing Bryan on the back of his neck and head. Bryan tries to get feeling into his hands and Gulak picks him up. He looks to hit a strike of his own, but Bryan ducks and nails Gulak with a dragon suplex into a pin, but Gulak kicks out at two!!

Both men up and Bryan tries for a German Suplex, but Gulak goes behind and hits one of his own. Gulak picks him up and he hits a release German Suplex, and Bryan lands on the top of his head and it is extremely scary. They replay it several times and it is VERY hard to watch.

Both men up and Bryan some how has every and bounces off the ropes and hits Gulak with an elbow. Both men up again and the two hit strikes back and forth. Bryan starts to nail his YES kicks in the corner. The two men make it up to the top rope and Gulak gets down and sets Bryan up in the top! Gulak goes back up and nail a SICKENING reverse suplex on Bryan before locking in the GULOCK! Bryan is able to roll through and lock in the YES LOCK!! Bryan will not let go and Gulak is in the center of the ring. Gulak passes out from the pain and the referee is forced to ring the bell.

Winner: Daniel Bryan

What a match.

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