WWE Elimination Chamber Results (3/4): Shayna Dominates Inside The Cage, The Undertaker Takes AJ To Hell, New Champion Crowned



The Usos and the New Day start the match and we start with clubbing blows between both teams. Kofi hits a back elbow on Jey, while Jimmy works in the corner on Big E. Kingston nails a dropkick on Jey, but turns around into. big right hand but Jimmy. Big E runs at Jimmy, who leap frogs him, but Big E stops grabs Jimmy, and nails him with a Belly to Belly! Jey hits a crossbody on Big E, and then both members of the Usos put Kofi on the top rope. Big E grabs Jimmy and throws him outside of the ring. He tries to power bomb Jey, but Jimmy races in and grabs Jey down and we have a stand off in the middle of the ring.

The timer starts counting down and we see the next participants in the match…..Lucha House Party! Lucha House party springboards in and takes out The New Day, but then go at it with the Usos. Gran Metalik springboards off the ropes and hits Jimmy Usos with a dropkick off the middle rope and Lince Dorado nails a moonsault. Big E back in the ring and Metalik goes after him, but Big E launches him outside of the ring and then Lince shortly there after the same.

Lince Dorado climbs to the top of the pod and Kofi Kingston follows him! Gran Metalik follows and they throw Kofi back into the ring! Lince Dorado flies right onto both members of the Usos and Metalik flips onto both members of the New Day!

Now we see the timer once again and the lights flash, unleashing the Smackdown Tag Team Champions, Miz and Morrison. Miz and Morrison go right after the New Day, taking them out and throwing them into the cage. They now go after Gran Metalik, putting  him in the tree of woe, and then Miz hits some IT Kicks and Morrison hits a spinning kick to the midsection of Metalik.

Metalik is put on the top of the pod by Morrison, and starts to counter….and Metalik hits a SICK hurricanrana off the top of the pod onto Morrison, sending Morrison crashing and burning! He goes for the cover, but Miz breaks it up in the nick of time!

We see the lights flash again, and this time, Heavy Machinery come in and take out EVERYONE! Lince Dorado gets away and starts to scale the cage like Spider-Man. A brawl takes place in the middle of the ring, and Dorado flips off the top and falls onto EVERYONE! Tucker and Otis are Abel to recover and hit Metalik with the compactor, eliminating the Lucha House Party.

Now, Ziggler and Roode are next released from their pods, but they don’t want to get out! Heavy Machinery tries to get into their pod, but they try to keep it shut. Ziggler escapes up the pod, while Roode gets away. Otis yells at Ziggler, but Tucker scales the cage and tosses Ziggler right into the arms of Otis, who hangs up Ziggler on the ropes. Ziggler starts to get up and Otis runs at him, but Ziggler moves out of the way and Otis goes through the pod and OUT OF THE RING!!! No one can believe it and Tucker turns around into a Glorious DDT from Robert Rode  and Heavy Machinery is eliminated!

Roode and Ziggler are proud of themselves and start to taunt Heavy Machinery as they’re walking out, but Roode turns around into Trouble In Paradise from Kofi Kingston and a Big Ending to Ziggler by Big E! The Usos climb to the the top of the pods and hit double Uso Splashes to Eliminate Roode and Ziggler.

Three teams left, The Usos, The New Day, and Miz & Morrison. Both teams go right after Miz & Morrison before turning attention each other. Kofi tries to go up top to the pod to nail a crossbody, but Jey Uso moves out of the way and Kofi goes crashing and burning. Miz and Morrison double cover Kofi and they eliminate The New Day!

The Usos try to superkick The Miz, but Miz moves out of the way and sends them into each other. Miz responds with a Skull Crushing Finale to Jimmy. Miz and Morrison do a double cover and Miz puts his feet on the ropes to pick up the victory.

Winners AND STILL Smackdown Tag Team Champions: Miz & Morrison

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