WWE Elimination Chamber Results (3/4): Shayna Dominates Inside The Cage, The Undertaker Takes AJ To Hell, New Champion Crowned



Montez Ford pretty much being the star of this match, taking out everyone, including jumping over the top of the ropes taking out Rollins and Murphy. The AOP quickly get involved and slam Ford into the barricade. The Viking Raiders come out and they chase off the AOP.

Back in the Ring, Rollins nails Ford with a Falcon Arrow then tags in Murphy. Murphy drives his elbow right into the back of the neck of Ford, then locks in a rear chin lock to Montez Ford. Ford tries to battle out with some elbows, but once again, Murphy drives Ford into the corner. He tries to get to Angelo Dawkins, but Murphy blocks him and then hits Ford with a Meteora.

Rollins is tagged in once again and Murphy charges at Ford, but Ford sends him to the outside. Ford tags in Dawkins, who takes out Rollins and Murphy. Montez Ford comes back in who hits a neck breaker on Rollins and goes for the cover, but Rollins kicks out. Dawkins back in and Rollins pushes Dawkins into the corner before tagging in Murphy. Murphy nails a knee to the face of Dawkins and then both Rollins and Murphy hit super kicks to the face of Ford.

Kevin Owens is shown making his way through the crowd with popcorn and jumps the barricade. Rollins notices him and gets in his face. Owens throws popcorn at him and the distraction allows Dawkins to level Rollins and send him into the barricade. Montez Ford in the ring is able to nail Murphy with the frog splash to pick up the victory and retain the championship.

Winners AND STILL Raw Tag Team Champions: The Street Profits

Owens gets in the ring with his popcorn and as Rollins is dazed, he turns around and walks into a stunner from Owens.


Sami Zayn is in a ring wrestling! He starts the match with Braun Strowman, but Sami tags out quick and Shinsuke Nakamura is tagged in. Nakamura tries to over power Braun for some reason, and Braun just stands there and clotheslines the face off of Shinsuke Nakamura. Strowman continuously gets distracted by Sami Zayn, which allows Cesaro to come in and hits a wicket uppercut Strowman, getting him off his feet. Zayn asks to be tagged in and he starts to stomp away on Strowman.

Strowman starts to get up and Zayn tags in Nakamura. Nakamura starts to choke away on Braun Strowman and then Zayn asks to be tagged in again. Zayn continues choking Strowman than quickly tags in Nakamura. Nakamura fights at Braun, but Braun throws Nakamura and then clubs him hard across the chest. Zayn attacks Strowman from behind and then Strowman chases him outside of the ring and plows down both Cesaro and Nakamura.

Back in the ring now, Strowman is still trying to get a hold of Zayn, but Cesaro is able to toss Braun into the corner by surprise. Nakamura then delivers a Kinshasa, sandwiching his head between his knee and the ring post. Cesaro and Nakamura pick up Braun Strowman in a suplex and Zayn is able to hit the helluva kick and pin Strowman to win the Intercontinental Championship!

Winner AND NEW Intercontinental Champion: Sami Zayn!

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