WWE Elimination Chamber Results (3/4): Shayna Dominates Inside The Cage, The Undertaker Takes AJ To Hell, New Champion Crowned



Ruby Riott starts the match with Natalya and Natalya quickly puts Ruby out of the ring. She starts to shove her face into the steel and then locks in the sharp shooter. Ruby powers out and then she shoves Natalya into Liv Morgan’s pod. Ruby climbs the cage and gets go, hitting a sort of coffin drop on Natalya.

Ruby continuously gives Natalya a taste of her own medicine by rubbing Natalya’s face into the steel. The next participant comes in and it is Sarah Logan. Logan immediately goes after Natalya as well and slams her into into Liv Morgan’s pod hard again. Ruby Riott climbs the cage to get away but Sarah Logan follows and they end up on the top of Liv Morgan’s pod. The two trade right hands on the top of the pod and then Ruby starts to climb down, but Natalya meets her and power bombs her HARD on the outside of the ring.

Sarah Logan jumps off the pod and crossbodies Natalya hard right across the face! Up next is Shanya Baszler, who comes out and knees Sarah Logan in the face and then puts in the Kirafuda clutch, immediately tapping out Sarah Logan. Baszler goes after Ruby Riott, who also gets a sickening knee to the face, then locks in the Kirafuda clutch and Riott taps out.

Now Baszler goes after Natalya, and she throws her into the pod. She non-stop continued to take the pod door and slam it repeatedly into Natalya’s face. Baszler locks in the Kirafuda Clutch and Natalya is forced to tap out. Shayna smiles sadistically and walks around the ring as the crowd boos her. She taunts both Asuka and Liv Morgan, and then after about two minutes, Liv Morgan finally comes in.

Morgan hits some early offense, but Bazsler rams her into the cage. She picks her up and swings her into the cage, then hard into the pod! She keeps ramming Morgan’s face into the cage, then shoves her face right into the pod where Asuka is waiting. Finally Shayna gets on the 2nd rope and lifts up Morgan in the Kirafuda Clutch and Morgan passes out, forcing the referee to call it for Morgan.

Shayna taunts Asuka and Asuka is ready for Shayna and after an extended period of time, Asuka enters the match. Asuka catches Shayna with a couple of kicks, rocking her. Shayna comes back with a knee and then Asuka tries to lock in the Asuka Lock. Shayna counters into the Kirafuda clutch and Asuka passes out for Shayna to pick up the victory.

Winner: Shayna Baszler

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