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WWE Elimination Chamber Results – Who Left The Chamber Victorious?, MITB Cash-In, More!



WWE Elimination Chamber 2021


Randy Orton and Jeff Hardy are the two men kicking this match off and it is the Viper who gets in control early on, stomping away at Hardy’s limbs before launching him into the pod. Randy then sticks his thumb in the eye of the Charismatic Enigma.

Jeff fights back though with the inverted atomic drop and then the vintage Hardy follow-up moves with a dropkick and then a splash. Hardy then goes to the second rope and connects with a splash, but Orton kicks out.

  • Drew McIntyre enters

The WWE Champion is the first man in and he goes straight after his long-term rival, Randy Orton, dropping him with several clotheslines as Drew then launches Jeff across the ring several times. Drew slams Randy into the steel multiple times as he then presses Orton’s face into the chain.

Drew then grabs Jeff Hardy and lawn darts him into one of the pods, but as he steps back into the ring, Orton connects with his draped DDT. Orton then hits another one, this time to the outside.

  • Kofi Kingston enters

Kofi Kingston also goes straight for Randy Orton, and while the Viper is able to fight against him, Kofi catches him out with a roll-up, pinning him.

-Randy Orton is eliminated by Kofi Kingston

Randy Orton doesn’t take to that well, dropping Kofi Kingston and Jeff Hardy with RKO’s. AJ Styles wants to take advantage of that and he demands Omos rips open his pod, which he does, and Styles gets into the Chamber when Orton is leaving. He tries to pin Jeff and Kofi, but both men kick out.

Adam Pearce then appears and he ejects Omos from ringside, while Kofi hits a tornado DDT to AJ on the outside section, while in the ring Drew McIntyre launches Jeff into the pod when he tries to hit the Whisper In The Wind. The champion turns around and gets dropped by the SOS, and AJ then returns to action by attacking the New Day member.

AJ launches him to the outside, but Kofi blocks the next move and hits a monkey flip to send Styles into the chain. McIntyre counters Kofi and hits a great suplex and the champion continues his attack, lifting Kofi into the air and slamming him into the chain.

Drew then connects with a massic back body drop to Styles and then sends Jeff into the steel as well.

  • Sheamus enters

The final entrant is in as Sheamus and Drew face off and the two men start throwing hands at each other as they have a huge brawl.  Kofi and Jeff eventually break it up, but they both get dumped out, and Drew and Sheamus get back to things, with Sheamus dropping Drew with a clothesline.

McIntyre responds by launching himself and Sheamus over the ropes, meanwhile, Kofi and AJ brawl across the ring, with Kofi being sent into the chain. Styles then sends Kofi towards the turnbuckles, but he leaps up and dives across to the next section to take out Sheamus and Drew.

Sheamus sends Kofi Kingston to the ropes, but he slides under and then attacks Sheamus. But the Celtic Warrior meets him at the second turnbuckle, and this leads to Kofi getting onto the pod as Sheamus is on the top rope, and Drew then gets involved.

McIntyre pulls Sheamus down, who gets caught on the top turnbuckle in the worst way possible. They both brawl and AJ then gets involved and dropped with a big chop from Drew. However, Jeff and AJ grab Drews’s legs, planting him to the mat, all while Sheamus gets suplexed by McIntyre.

AJ and Jeff both go for pinfalls, but the two European’s kick out. Everyone then gets up, but Kofi launches himself of the top of a pod with a leap of faith to take out everybody. He goes for multiple pinfalls, but none of them work. Kingston then starts nailing huge chops to Sheamus and he then connects with a boot to the face.

Kofi goes off the top rope but gets caught by Sheamus who throws him back and then connects with the Brogue Kick, eliminating him.

-Kofi Kingston is eliminated by Sheamus

Jeff Hardy then ends up hitting a Twist Of Fate to all three men which are left and he then launches himself off the top of a pod onto McIntyre and Sheamus. Jeff then goes back after AJ, hitting the Swanton Bomb, but as he gets up he walks into a Claymore.

-Jeff Hardy is eliminated by Drew McIntyre

Once again it is Sheamus and Drew brawling, but Sheamus gets a thumb to the eye and then a knee to the face, but Drew is able to kick out. Drew hits a Glasgow Kiss, but Sheamus quickly responds with White Noise, and both men are out.

Styles then flips off the top rope, but somehow McIntyre is able to kick out. Sheamus then goes for the 10 beats of the bodhran, and he hits a diving clothesline straight after from the top rope. Sheamus wants to set up a Brogue Kick, but Drew appears and hits his former friend with a DDT.

McIntyre then goes for a Claymore, but Sheamus stops him in his tracks with a Brogue Kick, only for him to turn into the Phenomenal Forearm, getting rid of the Celtic Warrior.

-Sheamus is eliminated by Sheamus

Styles loads up to hit the move again, but as he leaps across the ring, McIntyre connects with a Claymore in mid-air!

Winner (and STILL) WWE Champion: Drew McIntyre

McIntyre then turns around and Bobby Lashley is here! He destroys Drew with a Spear and he sends McIntyre crashing into the barricade and then ring post. Lashley continues the beatdown with a flat liner, and he then sets in the Hurt Lock before slamming him down to the mat.

The Miz is here…the Money In The Bank IS CASHED IN!


The Miz attacks McIntyre, hitting a DDT, but the champion kicks out! The Miz then hits the Skull Crushing Finale…1,2,3! We have a NEW WWE Champion.

Winner (and NEW WWE Champion): The Miz

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WWE Raw Results (3/1): WWE Championship On The Line, Drew McIntyre Battles Sheamus, More!



wwe monday night raw results


Shane and Adam are shown backstage, with Shane telling Adam to go and tell Bobby that if The Miz doesn’t show up for the match later, then he’s stripping him and giving the title to Lashley.


As soon as the bell rings, T-Bar drops Riddle down onto his knee as Slapjack then slams him down from the second rope as the group controls the United States Champion. Mace tags in and he plants Riddle to the mat as well, with RETRIBUTION continuing to make frequent tags.

However, Lucha House Party tag in and pick up the pace with some quick attacks as they send the group off the apron. The duo continues to work at pace, and they get a quick victory by pinning Slapjack.

Winners: LuchaHouse Party & Riddle

After the match, Mustafa Ali screams at his team. He then tells Riddle he wants a match so he can show them how it should be done.


Mustafa Ali starts the match out confidently, attacking the United States Champion as he drops him with a leaping neck breaker, yet Riddlefights back and hits a Pele kick. He then connects with several running forearms and hits the Broton which he follows up with another big kick to the face.

Riddle hits the Final Flash knee but as he goes to the top rope, RETRIBUTION put in multiple distractions and that allows Ali to hit a low blow as he then takes out Riddle from the top rope to get the victory.

Winners: Mustafa Ali


Before the match starts, Shane McMahon comes out and he says that to make sure this match is contested fairly, he adds in some lumberjacks. When the bell rings, The Miz tries to use the WWE Championship to attack Bobby Lashley, but he grabs it and stops him.

Miz then heads out of the ring but the lumberjacks don’t let him get away. He then gets into the ring and punches Lashley so he rolls out again, only to be put back in as Lashley drops the champion with a clothesline and then throws Miz across the ring.

Lashley then hits a flat liner and follows up by just beating down on The Miz. Lashley hits a spinebuster and then picks up the champion setting in the Hurt Lock…and we have a NEW WWE Champion!

Winners (and NEW WWE Champion): Bobby Lashley

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AEW Women’s World Title Eliminator Results: Riho vs Thunder Rosa, Japan Finals



AEW Women's World Title Eliminator

AEW Women’s World Title Eliminator
February 28, 2021

* * *

Mei Suruga & Rin Kadokura & Hikaru Shida def. Maki Itoh & Veny & Emi Sakura

The heels attacked en masse before the bell and isolated Shida, putting the boots to her. Itoh delivered mounted punches and a headbutt, but ran right into a single-leg dropkick from the AEW champ. Kadokura took a backbreaker from Veny, but came back with a dropkick and locked in a backbend headlock. Sakura broke up the hold, and the heels swarmed her and Suruga, spending the next few minutes working her over with quick tags. She would eventually counter Road to Valhalla from Sakura. Shida got the hot tag and cleaned house. Her and Sakura traded tilt-a-whirl backbreakers, then traded about a dozen forearms each. Sakura hit a spinning neckbreaker and a crossbody in the corner, but Shida caught her with a kick. They did the spot where everyone ran in one at a time, taking each other out with superkicks. In the chaos, Veny lept off the top rope and crashed through Shida out on the floor. Veny and Sakura both hit moves from the top rope into a headbutt from Itoh. Veny with a big sitdown powerbomb for two-and-a-half. Things broke down into a six-way brawl. Shida hit the Falcon Arrow on Veny, but they kicked out at 2.99. She delivered a running knee, and this time it was enough.

The heels attacked after the match, but Shida fought them off and sent them out to the floor one at a time. Sakura took a few shots at Maki Itoh just to work out some frustration on the way out.

Japan Bracket Finals
Ryo Mizunami def. Yuka Sakazaki

Mizunami dominated the early going using her strength advantage, mostly working holds as Sakazaki tried and failed to chip her down to size. Yuka finally took her down with a series of pinning combinations, but was quickly tossed into the corner and chopped a half dozen times. Yuka rolled into a surprise Calf Crusher but let up in the ropes and hit a sliding lariat. Mizunami caught her with a backdrop suplex and a slingshot German suplex before slapping on an Acaconda Vice. Yuka flailed around trying to get free, before reversing the hold into a front-mounted triangle choke. Mizunami fades, but powers her back up into a big powerbomb to break it up. Yuka hit her with rapid fire forearms and a running knee for two. Springboard frog splash gets two. They traded forearms and Yuka nearly got it with a running hurricanrana into a pin attempt. Mizunami hit a big spear, followed by a second spear and a Fisherman’s Driver to get the win.

U.S. Bracket Semifinals
Thunder Rosa def. Riho

Riho snapped off arm drags and a quick dropkick out of the gate. Thunder Rosa fired back with German suplexes and a lariat, hammering away with rights and lefts on the mat. She locked in a nasty submission wrenching her opponent’s neck backwards. Riho broke the hold and hit a neckbreaker and a Tiger feint kick for two. Rosa caught her with a boot in the corner and slapped on a Dragon Sleeper, but Riho reversed with backbend bridge for two. Riho rolled into a double foot stomp and came off the top rope with a crossbody splash for a nearfall. Rosa backed her into the corner and took a breath before delivering a running dropkick and lariat. Seated dropkick gets two. She tried for a helicopter spin but Riho snuck out and kneed her in the face. They battled on the top rope and Riho hung her up for a double foot stomp. Forearm trade. Riho hit a dropkick, Rosa came right back with a lariat. They traded pinning combinations and Rosa caught her!

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NJPW Castle Attack Results – Night Two: Ibushi vs Naito, Tanahashi vs Great O-Khan



NJPW Castle Attack

NJPW Castle Attack – Night Two Results
February 28, 2021

* * *

TenCozy (Hiroyoshi Tenzan & Satoshi Kojima) def. The Empire (Jeff Cobb & Will Ospreay)

The Empire jumped the babyfaces as they were taking off their entrance gear. Cobb held them in place while Ospreay dove over the ropes, but they escaped and he took out his own partner. Kojima lit up Ospreay with Machine Gun chops, Cobb charged in but got caught with chops as well. Eventually The Empire were able to isolate Kojima and work him over with quick tags. Tenzan got the hot tag and beat up Ospreay with corner splashes, knife-edge chops and a vertical suplex. Kojima ran in but got double-teamed and dropped with a twisting back suplex. Empire took turns Mongolian chopping Tenzan over and over again until he rallied back and clotheslined both. Kojima tagged in, hit Cobb with the Kozy Lariat, but it wasn’t enough. He blocked the Tour of the Islands and nailed Cobb with the Koji Cutter to win.

CHAOS (Kazuchika Okada & Tomohiro Ishii & Toru Yano) def. Bullet Club (Chase Owens & EVIL & Jay White)

Owens tried to chop down Ishii but it didn’t work so Bullet Club swarmed him. The babyfaces made the save and Ishii ran through everyone, but White sent him into the turnbuckles and went after the injured ribs he targeted the night before. EVIL tagged in for a few backdrop suplexes. Loads of Club shenanigans including outside shots from Gedo and Dick Togo at ringside. At one point Owens slapped on a headlock and they had four guys linking hands in a train to add pressure. Okada got the tag but was quickly swarmed as well. Finally Yano managed to take a few of them out and Ishii rallied with lariats. Okada put Owens in the Money Clip and he passed right out.

IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Championship Match: Tama Tonga (c) & Tanga Loa (c) def. Hirooki Goto & YOSHI-HASHI to retain

Very good match, right up until the same Bullet Club distraction finish we’ve seen in what feels like every single match on this tour. The challengers got in some early shots on Tanga Loa and even beat up Jado before the match got underway, but Tama made the save and powerbombed YOSHI-HASHI so hard he wasn’t even moving. The referee picked up his arm and it just fell limp on the mat. GoD took turns beating the hell out of him until Goto made the hot tag and suplexed both champions. Goto and Loa beat each other with lariats until they both collapsed. YH came back in because he’s a glutton for punishment, and ran into a Russian neckbreaker. GoD double-teamed with kicks, a punch that I’m pretty sure caught him in the balls, and a neckbreaker combo. Goto tried to make the save but ran into a different neckbreaker combo. YH rallied with forearms and hit Tonga with a headscissors, but Loa dropped him with a flapjack. Dude could get nothing going. Finally Goto got some momentum going, clotheslining them both and delivering spinning heel kicks in the corner. The challengers splashed Loa several times and hit him with a modified version of the Magic Killer where Goto also hit the Ushigoroshi. Tama ran in and took a German suplex, but Loa suplexed him as well. All four guys went down. YH was on spaghetti legs but rallied with dozens of forearms to both champions. Goto blocked a Gun Stun and traded counters with Tama in a tremendous exchange. Loa ran in with a title belt and the ref took it away, allowing Jado to smack YH with a kendo stick. Gun Stun to win.

NEVER Openweight Championship Match: Hiroshi Tanahashi (c) def. The Great O-Khan to retain

O-Khan took things to the floor and bashed Tanahashi into the barricade, then stood on his neck. Back in the ring he targeted the left knee and transitioned between different submissions trying to rip the man’s leg off. Tana came off the ropes with a flying forearm and hit a somersault senton from the second turnbuckle. O-Khan tried to boot him but got caught with a series of Dragonscrews instead. Tana locked in a Texas Cloverleaf in the ropes before stomping on the knee, returning the favor. O-Khan rolled outside to take a breather, but Tana gave him two more Dragonscrews in the ropes, and reapplied the Cloverleaf doing more damage. O-Khan escaped and hit a series of low dropkicks in the corner. He put on the Claw, but Tana kicked at the knee, went for a Slingblade, but accidentally clobbered the referee. O-Khan knocked him out with straight right fist and went for a steel chair, but Young Lion Yota Tsuji took it from him and slid it over to Tanahashi. O-Khan ran head-first through the chair and Tanahashi dropped him with a nasty Slinglade. Diving crossbody found its mark, but he crashed and burned with the High Fly Flow. He hit two more Slingblades, but O-Khan still took his head off with a lariat. O-Khan applied a modified Torture Rack, tried for The Eliminator, but Tanahashi countered with a small package to win.

El Desperado def. BUSHI & El Phantasmo to win the vacant IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Championship

Desperado took down both and suplexed BUSHI on top of ELP. They traded shots and BUSHI went for a dive but crashed and burned to the outside. ELP put Despy on the top rope and leg dropped him, then bit his fingers and literally danced on the top rope while maintaining a wrist lock. That’s a crazy amount of balance and coordination. ELP dove off the top rope to the floor, taking both guys down. He ripped off Despy’s mask and put it on himself, then drilled him with a sick cradle Piledriver on the entrance ramp. That temporarily made this a singles match.  BUSHI caught ELP with a superkick and a dive off the apron. Back in the ring ELP ripped off his shirt and choked him with hit, really taking plays out of his opponent’s arsenals tonight. ELP delivered kicks in the tree of woe before blatantly standing on the man’s balls. He hit a diving splash, but turned to see Desperado limping back to the ring with a new mask on. Despy beat the hell out of ELP and drove him through the barricade with a suicide dive. He tried for a superplex but BUSHI springboarded into a crazy Tower of Doom spot. ELP rallied and hit the Styles Clash on Despy, then the V-Trigger. He even tried for the One Winged Angel, but Despy countered into a Stretch Muffler, really wrenching on the hold. Modified Angle Slam gets a nearfall. ELP kicked him in the face and hit CR2, but BUSHI grabbed the ref’s hand to stop the three-count with inches left. He went for MX, Phantasmo killed him with a superkick, but he rolled out of the ring before he could be pinned. Despy dropped ELP with Pinche Loco, then rolled into a second Pinche Loco for the 1-2-3!

IWGP Intercontinental Championship Match: Kota Ibushi (c) def. Tetsuya Naito to retain

They locked up and quickly took things to the mat, jockeying for position and grappling back and forth. Naito slapped on a wrist lock and used it to get a few nearfalls. He hit a low dropkick to the left knee and just sat on the mat smiling and taunting as Ibushi tried to pop it back into place. Naito applied a Figure Four for quite some time, before breaking it to continue slamming Ibushi’s knee into the mat over and over again. Triangle dropkick in the corner. Seated dropkick. Russian leg sweep. This match was like 99% Naito for the first 10 minutes. Ibushi finally came back with a flurry of forearms and chest kicks, but Naito dropkicked his knee and nearly broke his neck with a DDT. He tried for an Avalanche German suplex, but Ibushi snuck underneath and powerbombed the challenger for two. Ibushi continued to drill him with forearms to the back of the head and hit a deadlift German suplex over the top rope for two-and-a-half. Brutal move. Naito countered the Kamigoye with Gloria. Naito hit one hell of a Destino, but it wasn’t enough. He tried for it again and Ibushi drilled him in the face with two running knees. Kamigoye! 1… 2… NO! Ibushi hit a second Kamigoye and this time it was enough.

After the main event, an exhausted El Desperado came down with the IWGP Jr. title and both the IWGP Jr. tag team titles. He brought up that the champions of the two weight classes usually compete at the annual NJPW anniversary show, but this year challenges Ibushi to put both the IWGP Intercontinental and IWGP Heavyweight titles on the line. Ibushi basically said that Despy sucked the last time they wrestled (that would have been 2014) but he’s a different man now, accepting the challenge.

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